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Seattle Mariners Stats

I believe in Jarred Kelenic

It’s a long winter—we can all have a little Jarred hopium, as a treat

T-Mobile Park is the hardest place in MLB to hit again - especially if you hit it perfectly

Seattle’s reputation as an extreme pitcher’s park had softened for a while, but it’s back with a vengeance.

Luis Castillo and George Kirby are the Mariners’ best hopes

Seattle’s odds are long. They’ve got the best horses lined up for the journey.

Los Bomberos are a policy success

Seattle’s newly coined bullpen unit has earned a nickname, for their individual successes and their collective ones.

Penn Murfee is serving up gyros and punchouts

A discussion with and dissection of the approach and repertoire of the M’s rookie bullpen standout.

The way Luis Castillo dominates may look mighty familiar to Mariners fans

The longtime Reds ace is obviously great, but the way he’s thrived this year is uniquely in keeping with what Seattle prizes.

Why the Mariners’ remaining strength of schedule matters

Everything’s coming up... Mariners?

Marco Gonzales is having a record-breaking season

He can’t keep getting away with this (unless he can)

Julio Rodríguez is following in the right footsteps

Very few Mariners rookies have played like Rodríguez has thus far. You’ve probably heard of them.

The Mariners Offense Is Seriously Underperforming

A look at the early season struggles of the Mariners offense.

We’re not making s&%^ up about Jarred Kelenic’s stance

Trying to make sense of the 22-year-old’s early struggles.

Logan Gilbert is keeping his word about changing things up

Greater commitment to his cambio is changing the game.

Ty France is the same as ever, yet new and improved

The Mariners’ best hitter in the early going is showing the potential of full health.

Here’s what to expect from Matt Brash

The Mariners’ rookie is set to make his regular season debut, and he’s likely to dazzle

Drew Steckenrider was for real, maybe is for real

Steckenrider will look to repeat success with a precarious approach

40 in 25: Logan Gilbert

Logan Gilbert will look to enjoy the sophomore bump

40 in 25: Jesse Winker

Wink me up before you go go

40 in 25: Eugenio Suárez

The recently acquired former All-Star will look to return to his 2018 form

What PECOTA tells us about the 2022 Mariners

There’s agitation in the rotation.

Abraham Toro has some Ty France in him

Abraham Toro may have some big shoes to fill at the hot corner

Identifying and improving Logan Gilbert’s incredibly obvious weapon

No secrets here, but room for growth as well.

Robbie Ray made a $115M tweak

Welcome to Seattle, noted ace, Robbie Ray

What Needs to Happen to Get the Mariners to the Playoffs

It’s simple: just win baby.

The Mariners’ heartless lineup has caught up with them

Unsurprisingly, a star-free heart of the order has consequences.

Yohan Ramírez is flashing the Paul Sewald thing

Yohan Ramírez, now with strikes!

The Mariners have had a different Diego Castillo

But it shouldn’t be long before Castillo turns it around

The fix is in for Ty France

The fix is having two healthy wrists and a consistent position.

The early returns on Abraham Toro, Seattle Mariner

My how a few weeks can change things

Jarred Kelenic’s swing mechanics are back and he’s not yet in final-form

The swing we’re seeing isn’t brand new, it’s what we expected.

Tyler Anderson lost something

The Mariners may have acquired another version of one of their starting pitchers

Are the Mariners Just Lucky or Actually Good?

A look at the Mariners run differential and their Cluster Luck.

Darren McCaughan is, at worst, interesting

Technically, it’s possible that he’s interesting and not good