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Sporcle Fridays

Weekly quizzes about the Mariners and baseball history.

Sporcle Friday: Bill Bavasi’s Best Acquisitions

Things could have been better

Sporcle Friday: Pitchers since integration to lead the AL in strikeouts multiple times

Not just one, but TWO left-handed Mariners!

Sporcle Friday: Mariner Save Leaders by Season

One time a guy had eight saves in a full season and that was the most on the team

Sporcle Friday: Mariner Shortstops Since A-Rod

The rules state you must have nine players on the field

Sporcle Friday: Mariner Center Fielders Since Griffey

Which 20 players have played the most innings in center field in the Mariners’ post-Griffey era?

Sporcle Friday: AL Gold Glove Winners at 1B

Sporcle Friday: American League Rookies of the Year

over the last 30 years, only one american league team has more rookie of the year winners than the mariners

Sporcle Friday: AL Gold Glove Winners at SS

this list is absolutely dominated by one man

Sporcle Friday: Last 25 World Series MVPs

technically there’s 26 because of [redacted]

Sporcle Friday: Catchers who started Game 1 of the World Series

biggest squat of your life, kid

Sporcle Friday: Free Agent Relievers Signed by Jerry Dipoto

giving big money to relievers is a losing game

Sporcle Friday: 2020 Mariners’ Pitchers

so many mediocre white dudes

Sporcle Friday: 2020 Mariners’ Position Players

You can type Jarred Kelenic all you want, it’s still not going to work

Sporcle Friday: Mariners Who Played Every Infield Position

I could have done this too I was just very busy

Sporcle Friday: Mariners who went to high school in Washington


Sporcle Friday: Worst Mariner Rookies of the 21st Century (Pitchers)

dookie rookies

Sporcle Friday: Worst Mariner Rookies of the 21st Century (Position Players)

i did it all for the rookies

Sporcle Friday: Players Kyle Seager has driven in the most

nothing like some carolina ribbies

Sporcle Friday: Mariners who were an All-Star exactly once

i was kept out of several all-star games due to gerrymandering

Sporcle Friday: Mariner MLB Debuts in 2019-20

there is one guy who i don’t think any of you will get

Sporcle Friday: Players with 200 HR for Current Team

kyle seager is my dad

Sporcle Friday: Hitters Marco Gonzales has faced the most

remember when we thought he might be a long reliever?

Sporcle Friday: Mariners’ Opening Day Roster

no cheating!

Sporcle Friday: MLB Active Home Run Leaders

Kyle Seager is 31st

Sporcle Friday: Where are the 2019 Mariners now?

out of sight, out of mind

Sporcle Friday: Mariners’ primary cleanup hitters

One time Taylor Motter started at first base and hit fourth and the Mariners won that game

Sporcle Friday: Mariners with .900 OPS Seasons

there is literally no one on here who you wouldn’t expect

Sporcle Friday: Most Hits By a Mariner Switch Hitter

[Will Smith voice] Heyyy switch, turn it over and hit it. Turn around, now switch. Turn it over and hit it

Sporcle: Mariners’ Last 13 First-Round Picks

i wouldn’t necessarily say this is a FUN quiz

Sporcle Friday: Mariners with 50 HR and 50 SB

this is a short list

Sporcle Friday: Mariners with the most sacrifice bunts

there is no act more noble than turning a piece of lumber parallel to the ground and using it to push a ball 40 feet into the dirt

Sporcle Friday: Mariners with three or more home runs in a game

Mike Cameron hit the same amount of home runs on May 2, 2002 as Chone Figgins did in his entire Mariner career