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Sporcle Fridays

Weekly quizzes about the Mariners and baseball history.

Sporcle Friday: Mariners with the highest BABIP

It’s who you might expect. And who you might not.

Sporcle Friday: Three-dinger games against the Mariners

A somber look through the ages

Sporcle Friday: 2019 Mariner Pitchers

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

Sporcle Friday: Most “Félix Quality Starts”

The playoffs are about aces... sometimes

Sporcle Friday: Best Mariner wRC+ by Season

An above average hitter every year!

Sporcle Friday: Mariners DH Starters by Year

Apart from a couple of legends, it’s been tough sledding

Sporcle Friday: Clutchest Mariners

Some unexpected appearances

Sporcle Friday: Best Mariner reliever ERA’s

A nice fun quiz to lower your blood pressure

Sporcle Friday: Mariner starters with the most games without run support

never forget

Sporcle Friday: Mariners with excellent rookie starts

There are some people I’ve literally never heard of

Sporcle Friday: Mariner hitters with the highest walk rate

Some obvious names, as well as some not-so-obvious names

Sporcle Friday: Mariners with ERA’s above 5.00

A fun quiz, but not a fun list

Sporcle Friday: Mariners named Matt/Matthew

A loving tribute to myself

Sporcle Friday: Most Outfield Assists in Mariner History

it’s 2004, you’re on first base and someone hits a ground ball into right field, wyd?

Sporcle Friday: Most GIDP in Mariner History

Double plays for days

Sporcle Friday: Most Blown Saves in Mariner History


Sporcle Friday: Mariner rookies with K-rate above 25%

if it makes them feel any better i would strike out 100% of the time

Sporcle Friday: Most single-season relief innings without a save

i probably would have asked for a save at some point

Sporcle Friday: Mariners with 20 errors in a season

that’s way too many

Sporcle Friday: The last 25 Mariner Opening Day left fielders

Some of these names really came out of,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,left field

Sporcle Friday: Mariners who made 200 PA before age-23 season

being young is tight

Sporcle Friday: Most Career Hits Against the Mariners

You’re gonna hear several hits: me hitting play on ROOT Sports at 7:10 pm, then all of these guys hitting your shit into the gap

Sporcle Friday: Kyle Seager’s Best Teammates by Position

The fifteen best to play with #15

Sporcle Friday: Every manager in Seattle Mariners history

lotta hat kicking with this group

Sporcle Friday: Mariner Right Fielders Since Ichiro

no thank you

Sporcle Friday: Best Reliever Seasons in Mariner History

FanGraphs does not love Kazuhiro Sasaki

Sporcle Friday: Best Outfielders in Mariner History

Have you ever heard of Ken Griffey Jr.?

Sporcle Friday: Mariners Hit Leaders of the 1980s

one time for the old heads

Sporcle Friday: Mariner Stolen Base Leaders by Season

Sporcle Friday: Best Foreign-Born Mariners

You could put together a NASTY team of just these guys

Sporcle Friday: Jerry Dipoto’s Best Acquisitions

minor league guys don’t count

Sporcle Friday: Jack Zduriencik’s Best Acquisitions

More like Jack Z yourself out the door, chief. You’ve actually been fired