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Seattle Mariners Offseason Plans

Mariners Trade Value Rankings (Part III)

Tiers 1–5

Mariners Trade Value Rankings (Part II)

Tiers 6–10

Mariners Trade Value Rankings (Part I)

"Let’s go inside the mind of a Jerry Dipoto"

The Mariners are spoiling an opportunity, not their fans

When the hare thinks it’s the tortoise, things can go wrong in a hurry.

The Mariners can improve the easy way or the hard way

Seattle has been coy about their goals for improving this winter. Is that tactical opacity or troubling tepidness?

You’ve made it awkward for the Mariners to sign Carlos Correa

It’s you. Hi. You’re the problem, it’s you.

Emergency Podcast: Baseball Is Back

Robbie Ray made a $115M tweak

Welcome to Seattle, noted ace, Robbie Ray

The Mariners are in the market for one Kevin Gausman

Kevin Gausman may carry less risk than one might think

Can the Mariners spend their way to success?

This winter, it might take a little more than money

Let’s cook up a hot and sexy trade proposal for Bryan Reynolds

Bryan Reynolds could make for the Mariners’ first splash of the offseason

Mariners 2021-22 Free Agent Target: 3B/OF Kris Bryant

Sparkle in the Emerald City.

Seattle Mariners 2021-22 offseason: What they have, what they need, what fans want

An off-season preview overview review we view.

Mariners 2022 Free Agent Target: OF Seiya Suzuki

The best position player in Japan is coming stateside. Seattle appears interested, and they should be.

Mariners 2022 Free Agent Target: Trevor Story

Story represents perhaps the greatest fit of this star-studded shortstop class

Mariners 2022 Free Agent Target: Yan Gomes

A splashy move? Absolutely not. A shrewd, floor-raising move? Probably!

Mariners 2021 Free Agent Target: Marcus Semien

Some greenbacks could could move the longtime A’s shortstop from Kelly Green to Northwest Green.

Kyle Seager isn’t untradeable anymore

The Mariners don’t need to move their venerable 3B, but the hot corner market is full of buyers for the first time in years.

Mariners 2021 Free Agent Target: Corey Kluber

Okay, hear me out here: Mariners ace, Corey Kluber.

Mariners 2021 Free Agent Target: Ha-seong Kim

There aren’t many position player splashes to be found this winter. But this KBO wunderkind would be one.

Who will be the Mariners’ FA pitcher mystery date?

Behind this door is a...nerd. They’re all nerds.

Matching the Mariners with potential salary dump trades, Pt. II

It’s the launch angle revolution and we’re swinging big.

Matching the Mariners with potential salary dump trades, Pt. I

The Mariners should make Chris Archer their Justin Verlander

Stepping up from the step-back will require a high-profile success.

Curating the Perfect Mariners Offseason

Behold! The new cast members for Seattle Night Live: Season 44

Finding a Fit for Carlos Santana

The Mariners’ new first baseman is easily the best the Mariners have had in years. They should probably trade him.

If the Mariners trade James Paxton to the Yankees, it starts with Justus Sheffield, & could go anywhere

The Dodgers make the most sense as a James Paxton trade target

What might it look like if the M’s send James Pax-ing to Chavez Ravine?

Trading for high-risk, high-reward starting pitching

If the Mariners aren’t going to sign a free agent pitcher, maybe they could trade for one?


Who could the Mariners bring home? Who should they?

The official Mariners’ offseason trade value vs. trade likelihood matrix

Jerry Dipoto has taught us to expect trades, but this offseason could be unlike any other.

Exploring the Mariners’ options in the relief pitcher free agent pool

Look, I know we’ve seen this go catastrophically, but starting pitchers are going extinct