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All the latest GIFs from the Seattle Mariners and around the league.

About Saturday Night: Moonshots and Fist-Pumps

Have you heard the good news? Mike Zunino is Good.

Wade Miley Goes Undercover to Seek the Truth

A tale of action, intrigue, and tragedy.

The Sound.

Too Bright to See. Too Loud to Hear.

An Imperfect Team Wins the Game

The M’s earn a victory in spite of their flaws.

Mariners Get Us All a Little Something They Knew We’d Like

They shouldn’t have! How thoughtful.

The Mariners Journey to the Upside Down, Return Covered in Goo and Glory

Canó, Guti, and Sucre pick up The King.

Seattle Mariners @ Texas Rangers: Two Thumbs Down

An intriguing premise can’t rescue this disappointing summer thriller from a dreary plot, unlikable characters, and an unsatisfactory conclusion.