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Seattle Mariners Polling

Mariners Reacts Survey: Flying high, hoping to fly higher

Is it time to dream bigger?

Was that enough from Félix?

Félix Hernández was challenged last night more than he’d ever been in his career. He responded... fine.

The Mariners impending starting rotation crunch

The Mariners starting rotation is getting healthier. That means some difficult decisions are on the horizon.

LL 2017 Season Predictions

Ours, and yours!

What does your ideal bullpen look like?

Tell us how you’d manage the Mariners bullpen.

POLL: The 2016 Mariners will win how many games?

A mid-offseason heat check on Jerry Dipoto.

The 2015 Lookout Landing community feedback forum

Getting a jump on Festivus.

Fixing the Mariners

The Mariners have flaws. They need help. Cast your vote

Rob Manfred vs the defensive shift

Rob Manfred suggested that baseball could look to eliminate the defensive shift, and now your house is on fire WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, PUT IT OUT!

Poll: Pitch clocks?

The implementation of pitching clocks in the minors seems like only a harbinger for what's to come at the big-league level. What do you think?

Top Mariner Moments from 2014: #1 – #5

Here are the best Mariner moments from 2014, as decided by you.

Top Mariner Moments from 2014: #6 – #10

Here are the best Mariner moments from 2014, as decided by you.

Top Mariner Moments from 2014: Honorable Mentions

The results have been tabulated. Here are some of the best community submissions for top Mariner moment from 2014 and a few honorable mentions.

Top Mariner Moments from 2014

Let's reflect on the 2014 Seattle Mariners' season, together.

Poll: Withstanding success

Small Sample Size if the theater of fools. Have you joined them?

Poll: The 2014 Seattle Mariners

It's Opening Day. Gorge yourself on baseball.

Poll: Get Hype

TGIFBOD (Thank God it's Friday before Opening Day)

Poll: %#$@ the heck, Mariners?

In which we try determine how many bees are actively buzzing in the Mariners' bonnet.

Poll: Projecting Sergio

Brad Miller comin'

Poll: April's Rotation

If the Mariners are to survive the first month of the season it will be done while giving quite a few starts to below average pitchers. But WHICH below average starting pitchers should they use?

Poll: Optimal Outfield

The Mariners outfield is a mess, perhaps even a hot one. Let's see how you would shake it out.

Poll: Last-minute moves

The Mariners have a few needs to fix before Opening Day. Which is the most crucial?

Poll: The Robinson Cano Offseason

When it happened we all wondered "what's next". Now, we look back and appraise.

The Mariners should probably call John Buck

or, Get Excited About Humberto Quintero, Mariners Fans!

Spending money on the bullpen

The Mariners have been pretty conservative and lucky when it comes to relief arms. Is it time to take a risk?

Poll: Shut down Felix Hernandez?

I mean, none of us WANT Felix shut down. But, well, you know...

Poll: Winning, here to stay?

A check up on where your expectations stand with the Mariners.

A Justin Smoak poll

The Mariners former first basemen of the future is teasing again. Let's gauge the patience and faith of the fan base.

Staggering Results Of The Michael Morse Trade Poll

Results of an audience poll regarding the Seattle Mariners' trade of John Jaso for Michael Morse. Prepare to be interested!

Michael Morse Trade Poll Of Staggering Consequence

How did you react when you found out that the Mariners traded John Jaso for Michael Morse, straight up? Your answer might be personally illuminating.

Picking One of the Big Three

On Pushing It

A poll about a hypothetical. For those who watched Sunday's Seahawks game, and also for those who did not, since this is about the Mariners.