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Lookout Landing Podcasts

Lookout Landing Podcast 172: The 2021 Season Awards

They Might Be Mariners Episode 32: Coming Up Aces in the High Minors

Lookout Landing Podcast 171: Into The Wild Blue Yonder

Lookout Landing Podcast 170: The Hunt for Teal October

Lookout Landing Podcast 169: One Last Ride With The Kings Of Summer

They Might Be Mariners Episode 31: Low Minors Roundup

Lookout Landing Podcast 168: All Stars In The Seattle Sky

Lookout Landing Podcast 167: One Game Back in the Wild Card Hunt!

They Might Be Mariners Episode 30: A Deep Dive Into Jarred’s Struggles

Plus a catchup on the risers of the 2021 season.

Emergency Podcast: Jerry’s World

Lookout Landing Podcast 166: Trades & Rays with Ryan Divish

The Lookout Landing Podcast 165: Red Deadline Redemption?

Emergency Podcast: Whity Banter with Royal Review’s Max Rieper

Lookout Landing Podcast 164: The Trade Deadline Looms Large

They Might Be Mariners Ep. 30: MLB Draft Reactions!

The Mariners did what now?

They Might Be Mariners, Ep. 29: A Deadly Serious Mock Draft

Five rounds deep we three go into the Mariners 2021 MLB Draft possibilities.

Lookout Landing Podcast 163: The Prodigal Son Returns

They Might Be Mariners, Ep. 28: Promotions and Draft Decisions

A return to the roots.

Lookout Landing Podcast 162: The Mariners found a new way to embarrass themselves

It just continues

Lookout Landing Podcast 161: The Daniel Zamora Era

Two new hires, a whole new vibe

Lookout Landing Podcast 160: The Mariners are embarrassing again, and a heartfelt goodbye

Things change so quickly

Lookout Landing Podcast 159: Happy Jarred Kelenic (and Logan Gilbert) Day!

Let the kids play, and hopefully hit at the top of the order

They Might Be Mariners, Ep. 27: Jarred’s comin’, and so are the AquaSox

Minor league week in review, just for you

They Might Be Mariners, Ep. 26: 2021 Minor League Season Preview!

The youths are back.

Lookout Landing Podcast 158: “Why I’m a Mariners Fan” with hip-hop producer Jake One

The Seattle native has worked with some big names, but his true inspiration is a man who tossed peanuts behind his back

They Might Be Mariners, Ep. 25: Mock drafts and minor league anticipation

We’re under a week away from minor league baseball!

Lookout Landing Podcast 157: Is this real life?

Things are going well for the ol’ Mariners.....tooooo well.....

Lookout Landing Podcast 156: Bullpen woes and Baltimore woos

Hitting on the mostly ups and few nagging downs of the M’s first road trip.

Lookout Landing Podcast 155: Oh no, the Mariners are happening


Lookout Landing Podcast 154: Opening Day 2021, let’s have some fun

Mailbag questions and predictions for the Mariners season ahead

Lookout Landing Podcast 153: Mariners’ Spring Training is nearly over. What have we learned?

Does Seattle play it safe in left field, or go with one of the players the fans want to see? Whose numbers from camp seem like the real deal?

Lookout Landing Podcast 152: Shannon Drayer on Mariners’ Spring Training, Kyle Seager, and the kiddos

We get the deets on Peoria life and what the Mariners might do with all these prospects