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Lookout Landing Podcast 164: The Trade Deadline Looms Large

Jerr Bear Wheels and Deals
Ted S. Warren/Associated Press

Hello everyone!

We are back with another hot, sizzling podcast as the red hot Mariners roar into the trade deadline with pieces to sell, or maybe buy? Who knows, you’ll have to listen to find out where we stand on that junction. The team has played well as of late, spirits are tepid and fragile but still high, and we go over a number of hot topics as the team reaches a critical nexus in the season:

  • The Oakland and Houston series and how they will shape the season going forward, and the Mariners buying versus selling of particular assets at the deadline
  • THE CLEVELAND GUARDIANS?! Hot or not? we have differing takes on both the logo and the new feng shui of of the Cleveland baseball team.
  • Do the Mariners need a rebrand? We discuss the merits of changing things like the team name, colors or uniform variants to maybe give the team a whole new vibe, or perhaps a new spin on a classic vibe (nautical).
  • TRADE DEADLINE - Who stays? Who goes? Who buys? Who sells? Who do we like? Who do we think the team maybe likes? What can we actually get versus what to we actually want? How deep into the team’s reserves of coveted prospects is it appropriate to dive into for help? We discuss all this and more.
  • Literally between recording this at 10AM and posting it at about 6PM the team DFA’d Rafael Montero, so to all those who clamored for such a move, congratulations? Sorry Mikey!
  • How different competitive, do or die, all on the line baseball feels compared to the casual, tortoise pace of Mariners baseball that has been so prevalent in losing seasons and how we manage to cope (or not cope).
  • Assorted musings (BOOOO Jake Fraley)