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Dome and Bedlam: Final week, and goodbye Jose

There is a dying light, and we are raging.

0:00 - WELCOME, to the final week of the MLB season. We talk about the ridiculous, exhausting, ultimately joyous experience, that has been the 2016 Seattle Mariners. We attempt to face the impending end of the year with a stiff upper lip.

25:00 - We talk Jose Fernandez, his life, his death, his legacy, and what he means for a game in search of itself.

40:00 - Twitter Q&A, and all that that entails. Thank you as always.

(Music credits: Sufjan Stevens)

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As always, we welcome your thoughts and feedback in the comments. The fact that you all continue to listen, ask for, and interact with this show as easily been one of the highlights of the year. Thank you so much for listening. See you at Safeco on Sunday.

Dome and bedlam XXI