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Dome and Bedlam 20: Hecking hell

People spend time and money pretending to be experts in this sports.

0:00-10:30 Please get to know our libational selections, our general state of being, and an introduction to what in the actual poop?

10:30-46:18 Let's talk the Mariner's miraculous week. The turnaround from last week's episode is digested, we examine the rotation, Kuma, Walker, et al. We drift into Kate's love of MiLB, with specific reference to the Jackson Generals. We absolutely do not infringe on broadcast rights. Nope, no sir. No idea what you're talking about. We were doing the speed limit yes absolutely. No sir, not a drink.

47:30-1:15:00 Twitter Q&A. Mariner Family Feud, more questions from a half man, half deer, and other nonsense. As always, we are so grateful for your questions.

(Music credit: Yeasayer)


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