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Dome and Bedlam XVII: Jeff Sullivan (of Fangraphs)


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Well a special treat for us and you this week. If you aren’t aware that Fangraphs’ Jeff Sullivan founded and ran Lookout Landing for a decade, then you are very young, and shouldn’t be listening to this podcast. Go read our Pokemon posts.

Jeff is not only an incredibly knowledgeable baseball mind, and exceptional writer, he is a funny, kind, good dude. It means a hell of a lot to us to have him associated with the site again, however tangentially.

0:00 – Jeff Sullivan of Fangraphs joins Scott, David, and Nathan to discuss whether pitcher stuff is redlining human capacity to hit, James Paxton, Edwin Diaz, the pointlessness of existence, and pizza’s clear superiority to burritos.

35:00 – Twitter Q&A, and the usual nonsense. I’m fairly sure we just yell at each other for thirty minutes.

(Music Credits: MaseThe Tallest Man On EarthModest Mussorgsky)

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Dome and Bedlam XVII