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Dome and Bedlam XVI: Aaron Goldsmith came back to us

Yeah, I'm surprised too.

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After a concerted effort towards keeping our episode length in the 60-75 minute stretch Dome and Bedlam returns to its original, sprawling nearly two hour run time. This is because when Mariners play by play announcer, Coif Master, and keeper of the Golden Larynx Aaron Goldsmith joins you, you talk until you make him upset with your bad opinions. Amazingly, that took a long time, and we are very, very grateful to Aaron for his time.

Despite being largely a moribund franchise, the Mariners have been incredibly fortunate with their play by play announcers. Aaron replaced Dave Niehaus, as impossible a task as this organization has given anyone, and become Mike Cameron to Niehaus' Griffey. He's tremendous, and you should devote a few seconds today during the game earnestly focusing your thoughts towards being thankful for him.


0:00 - Somehow, against all odds and common sense, Mariner play by play announcer Aaron Goldsmith agrees to be our first return guest. Aaron, Nathan, and David largely talk about food, the mysteries of Canada, and other topical content. David's computer reboots in the middle of podcast, but Nathan covers so expertly you can't even tell.

40:30 - Your Twitter Q&A, followed by a discussion of the state of the Mariners, Adam Lind's fashion sense, the cost of increased regionalism in Major League Baseball, bad In N Out opinions, and Netflix recommendations. (Music Credits: GrouploveAlt-JLeon Bridges)


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Dome and Bedlam XVI

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