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Dome and Bedlam XII - Whole Foods and #WODS

AKA the hug your beat writer episode.

Scheduling difficulties made for a short, breezy, 40-odd minute episode this week. However that didn't keep us from being joined by Seattle Times beat writer, Pitbull stunt double, and proud Tacoman Ryan Divish. We talk life on the beat, James Paxton, Dae-Ho Lee, Felix's hair, and a good deal more.

It's easy to take beat writers for granted, and as frustrating a place as I find Twitter after a loss I quail to imagine if this community were comprised of your average newspaper readers. So be thankful for Ryan, who manages to do a great job while keeping a sense of humor, and who casually drops insightful baseball knowledge. We're largely very fortunate here with our media members and culture. There are a lot of bad writers/reporters/radio personalities out there, and the predominant number of them are nowhere near us.

Thanks to Ryan, for his time, and continued work. Now, to the details.

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dome and bedlam XII

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