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Podcast: Lookout Landing plays the BP Guessing Game

Meg and Brendan faced off in a battle of wits and cunning, and you can enjoy it through the magic of prerecorded audio.

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four months of my life
four months of my life

Were you aware? The Baseball Prospectus 2016 Annual is on various shelves, both in your dying local bookstore and in the bowels of endless fluorescent-bathed warehouses. Either way, for K dollars, it can be yours! The Annual is 594 pages of scalding baseball analysis, teeming with essays, profiles, charts, projections, cFIP, and even a complete index.

What's that, jaded reader with finite cash? You need incentive? LL’s very own Meg Rowley wrote the Seattle Mariners essay in this year’s edition, bidding our bald general manager a fond farewell and welcoming, cautiously, his follicle-opposite replacement. You need more? LL’s very own Brendan Gawlowski wrote the comments for the Mariners minor leaguers, providing the level of analysis not seen in the book for two years. Still not enough? I wrote the Jake Cave comment, and fixed a bunch of punctuation. So hopefully those first two facts were enough.

But in the meantime, last week Meg, Brendan and I got together to have a few beers and play the BP Annual Drinking Game. The rules are simple: one person reads a player’s caption out of the annual, removing that player’s name; the other tries to guess who it is. I served as judge, and Meg and Brendan fought to the metaphorical death. You can play along at home, or just listen and vicariously revel in our various levels of failure. Enjoy!

The Lookout Landing podcast isn't available on iTunes, because I couldn't figure it out, but you can stream it here/download the file directly to your electronic device of choice.

LL Podcast Episode 23

Lookout Landing 2.0 Podcast Episode 23">