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Podcast episode 22: Jeff Nusser of CougCenter

Jeff Nusser from CougCenter joins me to talk M's and something even better, the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

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We're back once again, this time with our friend Jeff Nusser from the Washington State Cougars SBNation blog CougCenter. You may know Jeff around the Mariner twitter circles as @NussCoug, and we met last year at an SBNation managers meet-up. Jeff's a rabid M's fan like the rest of us, and spends more time tweeting about the Mariners than the Cougars over the summer, so he seemed to be as good of a guest as any for the podcast revival.

Jeff is also doing something pretty amazing over at CougCenter for the second straight year, as he's raising money for the Make-a Wish-Foundation, something close to his heart. Check out his story and goal here, and you can hear Jeff talk about his story around the 36 minute mark of the podcast.

Jeff and I also discuss Lloyd McClendon's performance as a manager, the dominance of the pitching staff, how crazy good Robinson Cano is, and how exciting it would be to raise a young generation of fans with a winning ballclub.

The Lookout Landing podcast is available on iTunes or you can stream it here/download the file directly.

LL Podcast Episode 22

Lookout Landing 2.0 Podcast Episode 22">

If you'd like to donate to Make-a-Wish in support of Jeff and his son Trystian, you can do so here.