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Non-Mariners Game Threads

Scoreboard Watching Open Thread: 9/11/21

While we wait for Seattle’s 6:10 PM PST entrée, many a game of import get underway just after 1 PM.

9/8/21: Open Scoreboard Watching Thread

welcome to post-mariners baseball!

MLB Opening Day Game Thread: 4/1/2021

It’s here! It’s here!

World Series 2020 Game 6 Open Thread

Is this it then?

World Series 2020 Game 5 Open Game Thread

It’d be pretty hard to top the excitement of Game 4...

World Series 2020 Game 4 Open Game Thread

it’s not a must-win game for Tampa Bay but it feels like that...

10/23/20: World Series Game 3 Open Thread

It’s all knotted up; who do you like?

10/21/20: World Series Game 2 Open Game Thread

Snellzilla tries to avenge the Rays after Tampa Bay goes down 0-1 to Mookie Betts (and the rest of the Dodgers too, I guess)

NLCS Game 7 - Braves at Dodgers: Open Game Thread

Finally, for once, the winner gets to take all.

NLCS Game 6/ALCS Game 7 Open Games Thread

Win and/or go home.

ALCS Game 6/NLCS Game 5 Open Games Thread

Once again unto the breach

ALCS Game 5/NLCS Game 4 Open Games Thread

The Astros and Dodgers are showing signs of life

ALCS Game 4/NLDS Game 3 Open Games Thread

Suddenly two teams find themselves pushed to the brink

NLDS Game 2/ALCS Game 3 Open Games Thread

let’s have some more of that good good baseball

ALCS Game 2/NLCS Game 1 Open Games Thread

No! sleep! til the World Series!

ALCS Game One: Open Game Thread

Trash can bros vs. the flappy bois

Open Game Thread 10/9: NYY vs. TBR Game 5

This one is for all the marbles

LDS Open Games Thread, Games 3 and 4

Oakland is stayin’ alive; can San Diego and Miami?

Open Games Thread, LDS Game 2 (NL) and 3 (AL)

Some teams are already in trouble...

Open Game Thread: League Divisional Series Game 1 (NL), Game 2 (AL)

The National League gets in on the fun

Open Game Thread: League Divisional Series Game 1

let’s enjoy some sweet sweet West Coast baseball

10/2/20: Wild Card Playoffs Two-Pack - Open Game Thread

Two potential clinchers, with a bit more time to breathe.

10/1/20: More Wild Card Playoffs - Open Game Thread

You’ll have more 9 AM PT baseball and you’ll like it!

9/30/20: Open thread for EIGHT PLAYOFF GAMES IN ONE DAY


9/29/20: Open Game(s) Thread, Playoffs Edition

YOU get a playoff game, and YOU get a playoff game (Seattle, you do not get a playoff game)


This one really is for all the dang marbles!

World Series Game 6: Open Game Thread 10/29/19

Will Justin Verlander win a game, or will there be a Game 7?

World Series Game Five: Open Game Thread

Meet Joe Ross.

World Series Game Three - Open Game Thread, 10/25/19

The World Series returns with Washington first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of their country people.

World Series Game Two - Open Game Thread, 10/23/19

Houston may have a problem? Well, several...

World Series Game One - Open Game Thread, 10/22/19

The Fall Classic is upon us!

ALCS/NLCS Open Game Thread, 10/15/19

Rock the Potomac