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Seattle Mariners Game Charts

2023: Chart

Sea them rise, sea them fall

88-74: Chart

See you this spring

87-74: Chart

I trace the evidence, make it make some sense, why the wound is still bleeding

87-73: Chart

team record 17th shutout!

86-73: Chart

A spark.

85-73: Chart


85-72: Chart

Chaos came back in a real way, but the real highlight was that the bats came to play.

84-72: Chart

Mariners lose 5-1 behind another lackluster offensive showing, lose ground in playoff race

84-71: Chart

When Texas messes with you

84-70: Chart

stars were too bright

84-69: Chart

Not Nice

84-68: Chart

Seattle understood the assignment and completed the series sweep of the Oakland Athletics, in what may just be their last low-stress game of the year.

83-68: Chart

Series win in the bag!

82-68: Chart

Breezy and peasy.

81-68: Chart

Dodgers are great house guests, do sweeping for Mariners in their own park.

81-67: Chart

One too many vibes to sustain.

81-66: Chart

Mariners can’t come up with the big hit to sneak past one of the NL’s best

81-65: Chart

Mariners finally reach the end of their grueling 13-game stretch

80-65: Chart

A fun night at the ballpark!

79-65: Chart

If tinnitus was a baseball game.

79-64: Chart

I have a feeling the Mariners will not win 99 games this year

79-63: Chart

Seattle planned a bullpen day, and the Rays executed a bullpen slay.

79-62: Chart

Well, that stung.

79-61: Chart

Sometimes one is enough, like the number of timeouts that batters are allowed

78-61: Chart

Ohio IS for lovers

77-61: Chart


77-60: Chart

Please remember how to score runs, offense

77-59: Chart

you do not, in fact, have to love da mets, baby

77-58: Chart

The one where they squeak out a win.

76-58: Chart

Mariners unable to bust ghost forkball

76-57: Chart

Mariners don’t make it easy but it is fun, win over A’s 5-4

75-56: Chart

The Mariners get off to a strong start for the series with a 7-0 victory