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Seattle Mariners Game Charts

90-72: Chart

The end of some things, the beginning of some others

89-70: Chart

it just continues

88-70: Chart


86-70: Chart

Mariners are goldfish, win 5-1 against Ohtani and the Angels

85-70: Chart


84-69: Chart

It must be spooky szn because all I see are brooms

83-69: Chart

season high 14 over .500

82-69: Chart

winning season let’s goooooooooo

81-69: Chart

The Seattle Mariners do good baseball things, win baseball game

80-68: Chart

80 wins! In this economy?

79-69: Chart

You’ve seen this game before

79-68: Chart

strong first step: achieved

78-68: Chart

78-67: Chart

Mariners lose big to Boston in rare bullpen implosion, 8-4

78-66: Chart

Mariners eke out a win against their Wild Card competitors, defeat Boston 5-4

77-66: Chart

Mariners drop game, series to D-Backs, lose 5-4

77-65: Chart

Seattle loses game 7-3, loses ground in Wild Card race

77-64: Chart

Get a little everything goin right in your heart

76-64: Chart

big game for believers

75-63: Chart

A blowout at MMP? How groundbreaking

75-62: Chart

Mariners leapfrog ahead in game, standings thanks to one big inning

74-62: Chart

3-0 in september!

72-62: Chart

Ten chaotic games over .500

70-62: Chart

A weirdly painful game to watch

70-61: Chart

Mariners lean on their two vets plus the new kid to eke out a single win in the series

69-59: Chart


68-58: Chart

is this real life?

67-58: Chart

Mariners win normal baseball game

66-58: Chart

Houston Astros put up Houston Texans-like score, hang 15 runs on hapless Mariners

66-57: Chart


66-56: Chart

...a win is a win?

64-56: Chart

starters and relievers and clutch hits, oh my!