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Seattle Mariners Game Charts

0-3: Chart

that’s all folks

0-1: Chart

Everybody, loves a winner, but nobody loves me

Wild Card 1-0: Chart

You can breathe again, folks (for about 20 hours)

2022: Chart

It happened

90-72: Chart

Next stop: PLAYOFFS!

89-72: Chart

Mariners sweep the Tigers in doubleheader

88-72: Chart

The real Wild Card spot was the friends we made along the way

87-72: Chart

take my leg instead!

87-70: Chart

This time.

86-70: Chart

It’s a dream

85-70: Chart

One! Game! Away!

84-70: Chart

my favorite number growing up was 3

83-70: Chart

Mariners bats sleepy and sad in bad loss to Rangers

83-68: Chart

"J.P." chants in KC

82-68: Chart

Holding out for a hero/where have all the cowboys gone

82-67: Chart

>.500 flags fly forever

81-67: Chart

that was decidedly not a palate cleanser

81-66: Chart

Mariners test fans’ patience, spirit with sleepy 4-1 loss to Oakland

81-65: Chart

The Mariners salvage one game out of their four-game set in Anaheim

80-65: Chart

I can’t help it if you play like the Angels

80-64: Chart

Kirbster does well, everyone else does not

80-62: Chart

1,203 feet of dingers

79-62: Chart

The Mariners are shut out for the first time in nearly two months

79-61: Chart

I don’t believe it! My oh my!

78-61: Chart

Mariners take one from the defending World Series champs, 3-1

77-61: Chart

Mariners drop the "winnable" first game of this series, 6-4, to Atlanta

77-60: Chart

Mariners drop series to White Sox with uncharacteristically sloppy day in the field

77-59: Chart

Logan Gilbert and bullpen blank the White Sox, Cal Raleigh comes through again in 3-0 victory

76-59: Chart

A game ultimately decided by two plays on the warning track

76-58: Chart

It’s done

75-58: Chart

Mariners continue to be the hottest team in the AL

74-58: Chart

six to one in the 216