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Seattle Mariners Game Charts

29-27: Chart

Kirby went deep, Judge did not, the offense mostly did sleep, until it got extra hot.

28-27: Chart

only show tonight was an ump show

28-26: Chart

27-25: Chart

Luis Castillo returns to form as Mariners romp over Pirates, 5-0

26-25: Chart

The sweet embrace of .500 ball beckons once again

26-24: Chart

Ty France says "I’m fine," so are Mariners, win 3-2 and complete sweep of A’s

25-24: Chart

Get real, get right, for you will not be distracted by the signs

24-24: Chart

The pitching dueled, J.P. flexed the power tool, and the interfering fan looked like a fool.

23-24: Chart

a laugher to start the homestand!

22-24: Chart

The one run game and general offense anemia returns.

22-23: Chart

The pitching battled back, went on the attack, and the hitters went "smack".

21-22: Chart


21-20: Chart

The Mariners are really, really, really ridiculously goodlooking in a 10-1 win over the Red Sox

20-20: Chart

Ugly gear, ugly play

20-19: Chart

The Mariners strike early and strike late, and hey, Bryce Miller is great!

18-19: Chart

Mariners can’t quite claw back into this one despite J.P. and Jarred’s best efforts, lose series

18-18: Chart

Back to .500!

17-18: Chart

If you don’t score more runs than your opponent, you lose.

17-17: Chart

Back to .500 babyyyy

16-17: Chart

For the second game in a row against the Astros, it felt very winnable for Seattle, and this time they did.

15-17: Chart

Mariners put on special first day of school outfit, spill tomato sauce down the front

15-16: Chart

14-16: Chart

extra-inning game ending at around 11pm? it’s like pre-2023 all over again!

13-16: Chart

miller time proved to be a good time!

12-16: Chart

aaaaaand... exhale!

11-16: Chart

Flails and baserunning fails fall short to give the unexpected gem of a pitcher his deserved run support.

11-15: Chart

and with that, the hopes of a .500 april are dashed

11-14: Chart

please, my fun differential, its very hurt

11-13: Chart

well that was deflating

11-12: Chart

That was phun.

10-12: Chart

The Mariners can’t complete the sweep, fall to the Cardinals 7-3

10-11: Chart

The Mariners take a clencher