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Seattle Mariners History

Pitchers in the Outfield

Why have a position player pitch when you can have a pitcher play a position? Oh, ineptitude and injury risk? Where is your sense of whimsy?!

Remembering the Mariner Moonlight Grahams

They came, they saw, they moved on with their lives

Remembering the Day When Everybody Scored

I can’t stop believing, I’m holding on to that feeling

Ranking the Mariners Best August Acquisitions 

Come with me on a trip through the transaction wires and box scores of yore and not so yore to discover players that gave our teams a boost in their quest of the playoffs, mediocrity, or well, some of these seasons, who can really tell what the goal was?

Measuring Time Through Ichiro

A journey, a career, a life spent hitting baseballs

A Written and Reactionary History of a Painful 2017

The ups are way up and the downs, well...

A Look at Mariners Hall of Fame and Hall of Fame Caliber Players

Have we been blessed as a franchise with great players, or is this a lie we tell ourselves to survive the long seasons?

When It’s More Than Nostalgia: Edgar Martinez, Memory, and Catharsis

Your feelings called, they said they’ll see you this weekend

Why, Lou, Why Ayala?

Revisiting the most hated pitcher in Mariners history and discovering he maybe wasn’t so bad after all?

The importance of Robinson Canó: All-Star

Celebrating the possibility of an otherwise meaningless accolade following Robbie’s show-stealing homer.

Ichiro Suzuki to the Seattle Mariners, Re-imagined in 1997

As the anticipation for Shohei Otani builds, an investigation of what might have been had the Mariners signed Japan’s greatest MLB star at age 23.

Checking in with the Mariners’ ghosts of 1st base past

Several former M’s 1st basemen still hold jobs around the league. Let’s see how they’re doing.

It Might Have Been: The 1997 Seattle Mariners Part 4

We had everything before us, we had nothing before us.

It Might Have Been: The 1997 Seattle Mariners Part 3

Hopes and expectations; black holes and revelations

It Might Have Been: The 1997 Seattle Mariners Part 2

Home runs and blown saves and left fielders, my oh my!

It Might Have Been: The 1997 Seattle Mariners Part 1

For of all sad words of tongue and (bull)pen, the saddest are these: It might have been.

2001/2017: How the AL West was won (and might be won again)

The recipe for 116 wins included a heavy dose of magic, but the science was good too, and the Mariners are following it again in 2017.

Seth Smith: Dadliest Catch

The definitive rankings of the Mariners’ erstwhile outfielder’s greatest catches.

(In)Effectively Wild: Spring Training Performances of Former Mariners

We take a look at some of the most interesting Mariners’ spring training performances of the past 10 years

The Mariners’ Last Great Closer

On the player who has never quite had a successor... until now.

Take It Back: Trading for the Mariners’ Rock

The Mariners had a bleak legacy behind the plate until they traded for a struggling former first round pick.

Take It Back: The Mariners’ First Terrible Trade

Revisiting the first truly atrocious deal made by the Seattle Mariners franchise.

Playoff Hopes, Dreams, and Memories

Reliving the Mariners’ glory days having grown up in a post ‘95 world.

The Best (Im)Possible Mariners This Year Has to Offer

All over the continent, the Mariners are excelling.

Not on This Day, Twenty-Seven Years Ago

Another off-day gives us another opportunity to reflect, this time on another dark day in M's history, a long, long time ago.

Mike Cameron and One Day in May

Mike Cameron crushed four home runs in a game nearly 11 years ago. Here's a look back at that historic day and how it stacks up against the others who achieved the feat.

The Greatest Game Ever Forgotten

Celebrate the anniversary of Brian Holman's masterpiece by reading about an entirely different, yet equally remarkable game from the same season.

The Pilots: Seattle's Forgotten Team

In which the author makes an unwelcome self-discovery about his feelings concerning the Milwaukee Brewers, and wonders: is it possible to mourn something that everyone else seems to have forgotten?

That Did Happen: Justin Smoak

Justin Smoak has been a colossal disappointment for most of his Major League career. Much of that is because he has been objectively terrible at hitting. But he hasn't always been vomit-inducing.

What Bret Boone Did

Quickly recalling when Bret Boone flipped out out of absolutely nowhere for the amazing 2001 Seattle Mariners.

When Carlos Guillen Had Tuberculosis

Reflecting on the summer and fall of 2001, when it was revealed that starting Seattle Mariners shortstop Carlos Guillen had been playing through pulmonary tuberculosis.

On Edgar Martinez And Getting Hits

Just another statistical indication of Edgar Martinez's greatness. This in honor of it being Edgar's 50th birthday.