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Seattle Mariners History

8 Home Runs in July: A Ken Griffey Jr. Celebration

Today, Joey Votto will attempt to hit home runs in 8 straight games, and join Don Mattingly, Dale Long, and our very own Ken Griffey Jr. in the record book. In honor of Votto, let’s remember some guys and look back at Junior’s streak in July 1993.

The Hero Becomes the Villain: Alex Rodriguez Returns to Seattle

20 years ago today A-Rod made his return to Seattle after signing a record-breaking contract with the Texas Rangers. There used to be mad love between the player and the fans. Now, there was bad blood...and a lot of fake money.

The First Spring of Ichiro

In 1999 the Mariners welcomed a visitor to spring training. This is the story of Ichiro coming to America, playing in a Mariners uniform for the first time, and developing a friendship with Ken Griffey Jr.

Lanny Moss and the Women of the Portland Mavericks

Nearly 50 years before Kim Ng became the first woman hired as a major league general manager, Lanny Moss broke the barrier in the minor leagues. This is the story of professional baseball’s first woman general manager and the other women (and girl!) of the Portland Mavericks.

Tino Martinez and the Last Heartbreak of the 1995 Seattle Mariners

25 years ago today the Mariners traded Tino Martinez to the New York Yankees.

How Kyle Lewis stacks up to the other unanimous Rookie of the Year winners

Who are the other unanimous winners?

10 years of baseball without Dave

How life goes on without the ones we love

Failure, Redemption, and the Last Night of Mariner Magic in 1995

25 years ago today, the Mariners won their last game of the magical 1995 season. It was quite a journey.

Where There’s Smoke There’s...Baseball?

That time the Spokane Indians lit their baseball field on fire. On purpose.

The Mariners and the Night Before

On September 10th, 2001 the Mariners were steamrolling their way through baseball and looking toward the playoffs. It was the last night of the Before.

War, Pandemic, and Seattle Baseball in 1918: Part 3

The Puget Sound Shipyard Baseball League wraps up its season and finds itself in need of a championship series. As the Duthies and Pat-Macs prepare to decide which of them would wear the championship crown, the deadly 1918 influenza pandemic arrives in Seattle

War, Pandemic, and Seattle Baseball in 1918: Part 2

As the 1918 baseball season continues, the Giants and the minor leagues face the realities of the war economy, and the shipyards struggle to keep their league intact. Meanwhile, the major leagues wait for official rulings to learn whether they can finish the season or stage a World’s Series. And, always lurking behind the scenes, the deadly second wave of the 1918 influenza comes home.

War, Pandemic, and Seattle Baseball in 1918

In early October 1918, as the J. F. Duthie and Patterson-MacDonald shipyards were about to play a championship series that had Seattlites "all het up", the 1918 influenza pandemic came to town. This is the story of a seldom-remembered baseball league, and a look back at the virus that changed the city 100 years ago.

Let’s Talk About Félix Hernández and Grief

I only teared up a little while writing this post.

Baseball Versus the Volcano: The Story of Mount St. Helens, the AAA Spokane Indians, and the Dogged Gonzaga Bulldogs

40 years ago today, Mount St. Helens let loose the most devastating volcanic eruption in United States history. This is the story of how it affected baseball in the Pacific Northwest.

The Best Unsung Heroes in Mariners History

Join us in appreciating some forgotten seasons

Michael Jordan & Joey Cora: A Story of Baseball Inspiration

The basketball superstar and beloved Mariner are both famous for their tears. But there’s more to their connection than crying in the club.

It Happened One Night: The Boston Massacre

22 years ago today, Mo Vaughn hit a grand slam which will live in Mariners bullpen infamy.

Your Cheating Heart Will Tell On You: A Seattle Mariners History

Many are saved from sin by being so inept at it.

Defining Mariners Moments of the Decade: Eric Byrnes and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

On fault and failure

This stream has:

Defining Mariners Moments of the 2010s

The good, the bad, and the BABIP

Defining Mariners Moments of the 2010s: Dae-Ho Lee Takes Flight

Our first entry in a series regaling the wildest Mariners moments of the last decade

The 1976 Mariners and the Building of a Team

With the Winter Meetings coming up and the Mariners’ rebuild continuing, I started wondering about the original building of the Mariners. Follow me back to 1976 and relive the start.

It’s Fairly Obvious Ron was a Mariners Treasure

A tribute to the man who taught us more about baseball than we realize.

Forever our King

The Missed Phone Call that Changed the Course of Mariners History

In July 1993, the Mariners had a deal in place to trade Randy Johnson to the Blue Jays. An ill-timed golf outing saved them from making a gigantic mistake.

Edgar Martinez is Seattle’s Greatest Gift from the Baseball Gods

A tribute to the Mariner who will always be a Mariner

The Musical Mariners Career of Lenny Randle

In 1982, Lenny Randle gave the Mariners what they needed: More cowbell

How Fred Hutchinson saved baseball in Seattle

And so much more

The Last Game at the Kingdome: A Baseball Love Story

"Only in the agony of the parting do we look into the depths of love." - George Eliot

How the Seattle Pilots Saved Lou Piniella’s Baseball Career

At the end of 1968 Lou Piniella was ready to quit baseball. In 1969, he won Rookie of the Year. A brief layover with the Pilots changed the course of his career.

That Time the Mariners Almost Didn’t Draft Ken Griffey Jr.

Like a river flows surely to the sea, darling so it goes, Ken Griffey Jr. and the Mariners were meant to be. This is the story of how they almost weren’t.