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No Nonsense: The LOOGY-est LOOGY Of Them All

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The Mariners have three lefties in the pen and two LOOGY prospects in the minors. But which one is the LOOGY-est of them all? The answer may surprise you...

spoiler alert: it's not this guy
spoiler alert: it's not this guy

Welcome, readers, to the second installment of No Nonsense! In this series, I reveal statistical abnormalities and little-known facts about your Seattle Mariners using as little text as possible. Without further ado...

Here is a Getty Images guide to telling the Mariners' lefties apart.


Here is a Pitch F/X guide to telling the Mariners' lefties apart.


They are all pretty LOOGY-ish. But which one is the LOOGY-est? Let's look at a table to find out!

Name 2012 FIP vs. LHB 2012 FIP vs. RHB
Luetge 2.97 (MLB) 5.60 (MLB)
Furbush 1.46 (MLB) 4.11 (MLB)
Perez 2.03 (MLB) 3.84 (MLB)
LaFromboise 1.42 (AA/AAA) 2.83 (AA/AAA)
Moran 1.61 (AA/AAA) 3.66 (AA/AAA)

Well, a LOOGY usually has huge L/R FIP splits, so it's not Perez. Furbush is still good enough vRHP that it can't be him either. Moran and LaFromboise are working on rather limited sample sizes, but even taking those at face value their splits don't nearly match up to Luetge's. I guess we have to give the crown to...

But wait. What's this I spy on the wOBA split leaderboards?


Sweet Jesus, and I thought Luetge's splits were absurd. A wOBA split over .150? Surely this must be the LOOGY-est pitcher on the roster - no, the LOOGY-est LOOGY of them all. But who...?



Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2013 Mariners' #3 starter: Joe Saunders, LOOGY in disguise!