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The Honeycutts Experiment

1979 Topps #612

For those who browse Lookout Landing posts through the site itself (as opposed to RSS feeds or outside links), we'll be experimenting with a mini-blog concept that we've named Honeycutts. We've been posting a higher volume of content than the community is used to and some have expressed concern that discussions are harder to locate and get going, and that the front page can be difficult to digest. Honeycutts will hopefully mitigate some of those concerns.

We'll be posting short and off-beat stuff directly into Honeycutts. From there, the content that is must-see or generating some fun discussion (like the anagrams post) will be bumped to the front page, but most of it won’t be. People looking for more content can seek it out.

Keep an eye on the "hub" underneath the top stories, or click the title to see all of the most recent Honeycutts entries

Type of stuff you might find in Honeycutts:

  • Link roundups
  • Off-beat
  • GIF-centric
  • Quick reactions
  • Short (500 words or less) musings
  • Rumors/minor news

We'll see how well it works and reassess a little down the line. Feedback much appreciated.