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Seattle Mariners Game Threads

10/2/21: Mariners Open Game Thread

Life remains!

10/1/21: Mariners Open Game Thread

time for Marcos

9/29/21: Open Scoreboard Watching/Game Thread

let’s see how this goes

9/28/21: SON OF Open Scoreboard Watching/Game Thread

just keep winning, just keep winning BUT FOR REAL JUST KEEP WINNING

9/28/21: Open Scoreboard Watching/Game Thread

just keep winning, just keep winning

9/27/21: Open Game Thread

the final homestand begins

9/26/21: Open Game Thread

Maybe last night was just a bad dream

9/25/21: Open Game Thread

keep on rollin’

9/24/21: Open Scoreboard Watching/Game Thread

The M’s aren’t on until later tonight, but a couple of directly relevant games are on the horizon.

9/23/21: Open Game Thread

The A’s run their ace out to the mound to try to salvage a game from the fearsome Seattle Mariners

9/22/21: Open Game Thread

the final installment in the cole irvin saga

9/21/21: Open Game Thread

a winning season is within our grasp!

9/20/21: Open Game Thread

In which the Mariners commence a final, desperate two-week push for the playoffs

9/19/21: Open Game Thread

A rare day off for Seattle’s Iron Man

9/18/21: Open Game Thread

9/17/21: Open Game Thread

The Mariners try to improve on their season record against the Royals

9/15/21: Open Game Thread

The Mariners seek a desperately needed win

9/14/21: Open Game Thread

The Mariners look to secure a series win against one of the AL’s best teams

9/13/21: Open Game Thread

The Red Sox come to town in a series with major Wild Card implications

9/12/21: Open Game Thread

the only important sporting event in sodo today

9/11/21: Open Game Thread

the must-sweep series continues

9/10/21: Open Game/Scoreboard Watching Thread

a new series and exciting matchups all around

9/8/21: Open Game Thread

break their brooms, please

9/7/21: Open Game Thread

The Log Ness Monster takes the hill for the Mariners in the second game of the series

9/6/21: Open Game Thread

yusei v mccullers part deux

9/5/21: Open Game Thread

would it have been so hard to arrange a Gilbert vs. Gilbert matchup?

9/4/21: Open Game Thread

The Mariners look to gain some ground in the playoff race

9/3/21: Open Game Thread

headed to the snakepit

9/1/21: Open Game Thread

crashing into september on the back of maximum narrative

8/31/21: Open Game Thread

at long last, august draws to a close

8/30/21: Open Game Thread

The Mariners welcome back the best hitter in Triple-A

8/29/21: Open Game Thread

Mariners try to avoid shameful sweep by the Royals