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Seattle Mariners Game Recaps

Mariners enact rom-com, make grand gesture to take sole possession of first place’s heart

A 3-2 win over the Royals, or, How to Get a Divisional Lead in 11 Days

The Seattle Mariners are a mandate from the masses, bury Kansas City Royals crown in mud

The Mariners are a supreme power of Major League Baseball right now, even if strange pitchers lying in parks distributing swords is no basis for a system of government.

Mariners seize share of division lead, fans seize

For the first time in 20 years, the Mariners have a division lead in August

Mariners wander into desert, get fooled by mirage, topple 5-4 to White Sox

A sloppy dud at the end of a triumphant road trip.

Mariners somehow win eighth straight in anticlimactic fashion

The first time the M’s have won eight in a row since...11 days ago

Mariners take it easy for once, cruise to 14-2 victory to open series over White Sox

The Mariners start coming and they don’t stop coming, feed White Sox to the sharks as they hit the ground running

Three viral tweets to explain the Mariners 10-3 victory over the Astros

they’re good m’s Brent

Julio Rodríguez and Bryce Miller put team on back, possibly violate child labor laws, deliver 2-0 shutout win over Astros

Ugly wins are still wins

Julio, et non alii, defeats the Royals 6-4

Aurem regem overcomes flavum regem.

A royal for every Mariner in Seattle’s 6-5 win over Kansas City

A recap fit for a king

Mariners feel highest highs, lowest lows, plateau of acceptance in 10-8 win over Royals

Mariners play fourth straight do-or-die game, finally win one, stop losing skid at three games

Mariners attempt to dig out of early hole with plastic spoon, break spoon, stab spoon in eye, lose 7-6


Seattle Mariners almost mount comeback against the Baltimore Orioles, but almost doesn’t count

Or: The Seattle Josh Rojas lose to the Baltimore Cedric Mullins

Mariners fall in battle, allow new king into their palace

Showing Félix the same Mariners he’s always known.

Mariners open Félix Weekend with a bang, win big over Orioles 9-2

Julio, Cal, and Ty hit a trio of moonshots as Mariners romp over Orioles

Faced with cynical fanbase, Mariners keep insisting on hope, along the way beating the Padres 6-1

Some things are new (Emerson Hancock), some things never change (Big Dumper)

Logan Gilbert says there’s no place like home, drops a house on Padres lineup

One week after the trade deadline, Logan Gilbert authors a love letter of a start to his adopted city

Seattle Mariners bring Miller and a mop, Watch Angels Perish

In a series that felt like the most important of the season, in a game that felt as close as a game can possibly feel, the Seattle Mariners take one more step towards destiny and thoroughly silence the Angels with a four game sweep.

There goes a would-be American dynasty: Mariners defeat Anaheim for third day in a row, 3-2

Gotta chase this feeling

Bigger than the moment, Cade Marlowe and the Mariners stun the Angels 5-3

That’s Shohei the cookie crumbles.

Red Sox bullpen feeds Mariners offense after midnight, Mariners win 6-3

Gilbert keeps it close, offense comes alive late in the game, and the Mariners win yet another series

Mariners welcome new co-workers with loss to Red Sox

Welcome to the team, and also we’re sorry

Defiant Mariners defeat Red Sox on Trade Deadline Eve, 6-2

Cal Raleigh homers twice, rookies come up big, defensive mistakes do not haunt

Seattle Mariners shine bright in the twilight days of the deadline, shut out Arizona Diamondbacks

As questions about this team’s season and roster construction remain, the Mariners continue their July streak of resurgence with another series win.

Mariners put on defensive clinic, fail to admit offense, lose to D-Backs 4-3

Another one-run loss dooms the Mariners

Mariners upgrade their final weaponry, tactics, advance past Diamondbacks 5-2 to make deadline buying less of a fantasy

Just kupo, baby.

Marking the time with Dan and Dave and one another in a thrilling 8-7 victory

A blowout-turned-nailbiter nonetheless bends the Mariners way

Mariners choose to be closer to fine, come back to defeat Twins to go one game over .500

Julio has a two-homer day and Cade Marlowe has his best game (yet) as a big-leaguer as Mariners win, 9-7

Mariners play two different baseball games, somehow lose both of them

Kolten Wong’s redemption arc snapped in half by Mariners extra-inning loss

That’s Baseball, Suzyn: Mariners hit ball hard with little to show for it, drop series finale to Blue Jays

Some days it’s just not your day at the yard

Mariners awaken the Baseball Gods, win nailbiter against Blue Jays 3-2

in which I entreat you to play my new favorite board game

Mariners celebrate Summer of George with 5-0 win

Kirby has a stellar outing, Teoscar Hernández and Mike Ford show off Feats of Strength, Mariners blank Twins 5-0 to earn series split