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Seattle Mariners Game Recaps

Mariners and Rangers argue over the way to tell a story, Mariners win 1-0

George Kirby spins six stellar, Rangers stumble on path to AL West crown

Mariners playoff hopes end with a 6-1 loss to the Rangers

This is really all Abner Doubleday’s fault when you think about it

Mariners achieve flow state, defeat Rangers 8-0

Led by their captain J.P. Crawford, the Mariners enjoy a rare easy victory as the season draws nearer to a close

The Mariners rediscover their better angel

With nerves of steel and a steady hand, the Mariners’ captain keeps them afloat.

The Seattle Mariners fever dream turns into a fever nightmare in loss to Houston Astros

This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. This is always how it was supposed to go.

Mariners stay one piano lesson ahead, beat Astros 6-2

Kirby is dominant, Mariners string together some solid at-bats, King Trident quells the BABIP gods

Same as it ever was, Mariners lose to Astros 5-1

There’s not a new sheriff in town, as Justin Verlander and the Astros dismantle the Mariners/fans’ playoff hopes over dominant performance

Mariners fail to seal the deal yet again, lose to Texas 9-8

"Kyle’s brother"? More like "Oh, brother!" Amirite?

Mariners 2-0 loss to the Texas Rangers as Billy Joel songs

let the piano man drown out the sorrow

Rangers serve Mariners Texas-sized helping of Own Medicine, defeat Mariners 8-5

The Mariners managed not to make this a laugher, but moral victories don’t get you to the postseason

The Mariners win, the A’s suffer the death of 1,000 cuts

It’s Jarred Kelenic’s world and we’re just living in it

A love letter to the little things carries the Mariners to a crisp 5-0 victory

Sometimes, nothing hurts.

Seattle Mariners stay asleep, lose to Dodgers in series sweep

The best part about this three game series against the Dodgers is that it is over.

Mariners tip over jar of magic beans, find it empty yet again, lose in extras

Off-beat again, the M’s stay beaten.

Mariners battle Dodgers but come up short, lose 6-3

Mariners once again can’t find the big hit as they lose an opportunity to make up ground in the AL West

Mariners go back to that good old one-run magic, win 3-2 against Angels

Mariners out-bullpen Angels’ bullpen day

Mariners set the vibes in order, shut out Angels 8-0

The pitching staff combines on an 11-K shutout and the offense comes alive for the Mariners’ most complete win in weeks

Agony, ecstasy, more agony: Mariners lose to Angels, 8-5, on historic night for J-Rod

How can something feel so bad and so good and then so bad again

Mariners melt in Florida sun, lose 6-3

the sunshine state proved too much for the boys from the grey city

Seattle Mariners lose in walkoff fashion as Tampa Bay Rays work harder, faster, better, stronger

In a game between two titan teams that maybe shouldn’t have been this close when one was making a bullpen start, the Mariners lose in heartbreaking fashion after an admirable effort.

Mariners Become a Tale of Two Teams, Lose to Rays 7-4

When does the Muppet version come out?

Pooped or not, the Mariners have enough to shut out the Rays 1-0

Personally, I still think this team could use a giant dose of Jarred Kelenic. But then, I always think that.

Dr. Gilbert and Mr. Walter are themselves, lead Mariners to 8-3 victory

A little pre-Halloween spooky story with a happy ending

The Seattle Mariners lose a game to the Cincinnati Reds they easily could have, should have won

There is no Sea to Rise in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Runs Shower: Reds beat Mariners 6-3

Reds’ carousel of relievers keeps Mariners bats quiet as Bryan Woo struggles

Mariners overpowered by Machine Mets, lose 6-3

crunching the numbers and yep. mariners lost.

J.P. Crawford and Seattle Mariners Quiet Queens, Win 8-7

Jerry Dipoto knew we had a power hitter all along.

Mariners understandably can’t score early, less understandably can’t score late, fall to Mets 2-1

Mariners play the jesters in Queens

Mariners continue to let the good vibes roll, dance to a 7-0 win over the A’s

Bryan Woo dominates, offense backs him up as the Mariners take the first game of the series in shutout fashion

Mariners enact rom-com, make grand gesture to take sole possession of first place’s heart

A 3-2 win over the Royals, or, How to Get a Divisional Lead in 11 Days

The Seattle Mariners are a mandate from the masses, bury Kansas City Royals crown in mud

The Mariners are a supreme power of Major League Baseball right now, even if strange pitchers lying in parks distributing swords is no basis for a system of government.

Mariners seize share of division lead, fans seize

For the first time in 20 years, the Mariners have a division lead in August