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Seattle Mariners Game Recaps

Yankees remind Mariners they’re a few stars shy of their constellation

A 9-4 thumping is about right for the M’s against these Yankees for their relative performances.

The Mariners choose good vibes, an easy Sunday afternoon, beating the Angels behind solid pitching and a Winker slam

Seattle fans demanded good vibes, and the Mariners delivered

Mariners fail to make their own luck, lose 7-1 to Angels

Mariners outplayed badly in series by team that is theoretically inferior, lose stinker 7-1

Swamp creature Angels beckon Mariners to join them in the muck, M’s squelch into 4-3 loss

swing it for the crickets and the critters and the squirrels

Mariners offense works hard to impress new kid in class on field trip to NYC, wins 7-3

I love that new relationship smell

Mariners big boy Bronx Bombers in Big Apple

I could dance to this beat forevermore

Mariners go running up that hill, fall down hill, fall into briar patch, lose to Yankees 7-2

Just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming

Mariners beat Astros 5-4, but send five players to the doctor’s office

A tale told through Gameday notifications

Mariners drop ice cream, lose to Astros 11-1, Jerry Dipoto buys fans a gelato instead

Mariners spend heavily out of farm system to get the ace they didn’t have in this game

Mariners test limits of ballpark, fans’ patience, lose 4-2

please hit the ball just a tiny bit harder, ok?

Enchanting Julio Rodríguez leads Magic Mariners to 4-2 victory over the Texas Rangers for series sweep

Seattle channels their inner Houdini and escape from deficit as young stars continue to take center stage

Mariners reward blind faith of those who watch to the end, win probable improbable victory over Texas, 5-4

Was there ever a doubt? (Yes) (No)

Mariners smash button labeled “In Case of Emergency,” are amiably carried to victory by Ty France

Several key moments stop the short three-game skid

Mariners forget how to fish, lose 8-5

Buy a man eat fish, he day. Teach fish man, to a lifetime.

Mariners get upstaged by Houston, lose 3-1

Macky’s back in town

Mariners again fail to meet the moment, lose to Astros 5-2

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before (you’ve definitely heard this one before)

Mariners beat Rangers 6-2, win 14th straight, start to get noticed

ABW. Always be winning. ALWAYS be winning

Seattle Mariners take destiny into their own hands, secure series win against Texas Rangers as their win streak reaches 13 games

You can call it luck, you can call it skill, but this Mariners team continues to thrill.

Mariners stare at their haunted reflection, persevere, win 2-1

through a mirror, darkly

Mariners hit home runs, skip second step, profit, defeat Nationals 6-4

Mariners Force defends 6-4 lead from Nationals; Brigadier general Perry Hill is pleased

Mariners sweep while Blue Jays sleep, win series 4-0, game 6-5

Welcome to Carlos Santana, Seattle.

“Doesn’t matter, get better”: Mariners walk off Blue Jays 5–2 in 11 innings

In a season full of adversity, the Mariners triumphed thanks to young guns and vets alike

Mariners quash northern invasion, charge back to .500 in 8-3 victory

blue jays? more like BLUE jays haha get it they’re sad tonight

Unruly Seattle cousins cause ruckus at family picnic, defeat Padres 8-2

Mariners get up to no good in America’s Finest City, win big behind strong effort from Flexen, young stars Rodríguez and Raleigh

Mariners visit dark web late at night, discover recipe to make own luck, defeat A’s 2-1

We love the smell of a walkoff on a Saturday afternoon

Mariners fail to take flight, lose to A’s 3-1

Scavenger A’s swoop in, steal Mariners’ fans fries right out of their hands

Mariners trap Orioles in time loop, win 9-3

austin voth wakes up to sonny and cher as his alarm

Mariners drive just as fast as their guardian angels can fly, win 2-0

It sure is nice to be on the other side of one of these for once

Hungover Mariners craft dubious breakfast of meatballs and malaise sauce, yak all over again in 9-2 loss

The stars are stacked against ya gang you better get back in bed.

Bush league Angels defeat Pacific Coast League Mariners 2-1

Anaheim’s stars act like babies, manager acts like thug

Mariners refuse to join the clean plate club, sneak extra taste of sweet victory anyways

Tastes like a win.

Mariners crack case of who killed the season, beat Angels 4-3

fishy business down in Anaheim