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Seattle Mariners Game Recaps

Mariners thumb nose at projections, clinch winning record

ZiPS, PECOTA, Steamer, all have crumbled before Chaos Ball

Mariners record ten hits, coincidentally win baseball game

That’s all it takes, huh?

Rookie Monsters: Logan Gilbert and Jarred Kelenic lead Mariners to series win over Kansas City

Northwest Green jerseys work their magic once again, Mariners win 7-1

Tricksy Royals tiptoe onto slumbering Mariners’ ship, pilfer valuables, 8-1 victory

I don’t know what to do with you, Yusei

Mariners see luck run dry, playoff hopes wane, season change

Seasons change, and I’ve been waitin’ on you

Haunted right field at T-Mobile park giveth, taketh, Mariners lose 8-4

Technically it was really the offense that taketh but that’s not as snappy a headline

Mariners make Monday feel like Friday, win 5-4 over Red Sox

Logan Gilbert dazzles against one of AL’s best offenses, Mitch Haniger comes in clutch

Mariners break hearts, cede ground

losing ground in the wild card race and the race for seattle sports fans attention

Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is a train: Mariners lose to NL’s worst team, 7-3

Can’t win ‘em all, but probably should have won this one

A perfect night in M’sville, mighty Murphy hit two out

Some poetry, more rhapsody.

Mariners escape miasma-ridden stadium, muster one win

no more astros

Mariners go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect win over Astros

An uncharacteristic bullpen stumble and an entirely too-typical lack of offensive production combined for a tough loss in Houston

Spooky season comes early for Mariners, who lose to old ghosts, 11-2

Walks will haunt, but only Mariners pitching, apparently

Mariners find their light, win 10-4 in sweep of Diamondbacks

Mariners hit 75-win mark, gain ground in WC race, ann under unearthly light of Chase Field

Kyle Seager, supporting cast defeat Diamondbacks 8-5, nab Wild Card foe in process

it’s kyle’s world and we just live in it

Mariners shamelessly snatch 6-5 victory from the jaws of defeat, stylishly dressed snakes

No sleeves, teal shirts, no problems.

Mariners pitching does 95% of the work on the group project, Mariners defeat Astros 1-0

Mariners pitching is brilliant, offense does just enough, Mariners take an improbable series victory over the Astros

Mariners win trade, vanquish Astros 4-0

We love a happy ending, especially on Pride Night

Mariners win victory, lose war against Royals, own history of failure

A 4-3 win saves the Mariners from being swept but can’t save their season

Lessons learned in a 4-2 loss to the Royals

It’s important to learn from your mistakes, and this series has been full of them

Mariners push ahead of Royals in line for guillotine, lose 8-7 in extras

It turns out not scoring after the second inning isn’t ideal for winning games

Mariners “South of France” night goes too far w/perfect reenactment of the Battle of Auberoche, 6-4 loss

Seattle loses to the Royals, (due to a) Derby.

Mariners flip script, win normally

or was it the script all along?

Mariners unearth new cult hero, triumph 5-3

all hail jake bauers

Mariners do what they’ve been doing for all of 2021, win in absurd fashion

It can’t keep happening, right? Right?

Mariners play stupid game, win stupid prize (of yet another loss against the Astros)

Awful game on every level, Mariners get blown out 15-1

Mariners attempt to build spaceship to compete w/Astros, forget fuel, metal, Newtonian physics

Seattle’s 12-3 loss looks closer than it felt.

Mariners refuse to be normal, get dragged above high-water mark kicking and screaming

ty france saves the day after demoralizing implosion

A decade of dominance continues as Kyle Seager leads Mariners to 3-1 victory over his Texas Rangers

"You can hit in Globe Life Park or Field/ Or up where the SEA breezes blow / But you’re still in beautiful Texas / The most beautiful place that Kyle knows"

Mariners look at one-run game skid, scoff, win 3-1

chaos ball whomst?

Mariners defeat Bo Bichette, lose to rest of Blue Jays lineup, 8-3

Mariners can’t overcome early deficit despite spirited performance from J.P. Crawford as bats go sleepy

Mariners read most of a Seneca quote, get inspired, crush Blue Jays 9-3

France and Torrens lead the willing, drag along the reluctant.