Despite an Impressive Managerial Career and Missing Hall of Fame Election by a Single Check Mark, Lou Piniella Faces a Tough Road to be Voted into Cooperstown on a Future Ballot


Came across this article being discussed on a site I frequent called Baseball Think Factory. I forgot Lou Piniella missed the Hall of Fame by one vote the last time he was eligible. According to the article, he’ll be eligible again this fall. Fingers crossed for Sweet Lou!

Mariners Satire from The Onion. Solidly humorous.


A funny piece about how the Ms should inherit the 2017 and 2018 titles.

Mens Softball World Cup going on right now.


10 days started yesterday. It is in Europe so propably a bit inconvinient times for you guys, but every game gets broadcasted live.

2018 SoftbaLL


Here are the pictures from the game today. I apologize if I didn't get a shot of you or your awesome defensive gem, but there were distractions, laughter and a full memory card to contend with... Please feel free to add your own photos, and tag or identify who's who!

The Mariners Feed Vegans Eggs On "Vegan Night"


The Mariners still haven't came out with a response to this video from a few weeks ago. If the Mariners didn't in fact serve vegans eggs, all they would have had to do is come out and say so. Everyday that passes with no response seems to incriminate the Mariners more and more.