Napoli back to Boston


Signs 2-year deal with Red Sox.

Chip Hale, maybe Mariners manager, 90 Donruss


Because this is the only way I can ever think of Chip Hale.

Willie Bloomquist Dressed as a Kinky Leprechaun


Because I know somebody -- maybe even someone outside Port Orchard -- will want to see this. Here's the explanation, but I really think this picture stands on its own. Note: I don't think that dominatrix girdle thing is standard Fighting Irish gear, so maybe he brought that from home?



Raul Ibanez's final contribution to the 2013 Seattle Mariners. I know, negativity. But, I think it is a perfect reflection of the team's added parts and new philosophy for this year as a whole. More dingers, worse defense, old guys and ultimately nothing to show for it. Is this really what is supposed to teach and inspire the young players?

Police report from Jays-M's game back in May


So apparently a guy crashed the field at Rogers Centre back when the M's played there in May. The Toronto Police seem rather sympathetic.

Ichiro's 4000th Professional Hit Open Game Thread


Hi guys! Don't really know what I'm doing, but I figured we should have a place to talk about this possibly historic game. Here's some questions, I guess: 1. I actually had this SI magazine a long time ago. I wish I could find it. If you have any, what is your favorite piece of Ichiro memorabilia? 2. What inning, count, and/or pitch do you think Ichiro will get hit number 4k on? 3. Favorite Japanese-born MLB player other than Ichiro (or Mune)?

Raul The Kid


So I stumbled across this image of Raul in the Mariners dug-out the day before he made his major league debut. He's wearing a Rainiers uni for the same reason Griffey is: it's a "Turn Back the Clock" night -- July 31, 1996. He would make his debut (as a pinch hitter) the next day, August 1. (Source)

Mune humps air, cheats on Casper Wells .gif


Sorry if this doesn't play smoothly, I'm not sure how to fix it.



This cannot not be shared. It is a gif of Munenori Kawasaki's swing that resulted in his first major league home run. Fittingly, it was a two-run late game shot that tied the game. The Blue Jays would go on to win 8-7. The legend grows.

Nick Franklin vs Dustin Ackley


First 20 games of their MLB careers.