ESPN on Greg Halman


This is the best article on this subject I've read so far.

Pineda Busted for Drunk Driving


Sources say that the Mariners knew that Pineda would be busted for drunk driving before the trade was made. New York fans are outraged.

Go see Ken Levine


Levine's doing a book signing at the Mariners' Safeco team store tonight from 5-7. We don't usually post anything about these sorts of events, but I really like Ken Levine and Ken Levine has been nice to the website so it turns out I'll do pretty much anything for Ken Levine, I'm putty in his hands. He is very great. I don't refer to many people as being great. Go be near him.

The August Of The Fallen Angels


Today I have made my official FanGraphs debut, and now I am linking you to it because I want it to be a huge success and also because I get the sense that we can't read enough about the struggling Angels right now. As soon as I get comfortable at FG I'm sure I'll be trying out a bunch of images and .gifs but right now I'm still feeling things out like Clarice Starling in Jame Gumb's basement. Except nobody's going to get killed probably unless something really goes wrong in the HTML.

Jeff debuts at Fangraphs


Now I will regularly read Fangraphs again! Or at least I will regularly check Fangraphs.

Felixing taking over


Take a look at the link to see what Fredy Montero gets to do after celebrating his goal yesterday by Felixing.

Welcome to King Felix County


Executive Dow Constantine makes today Felix Day on a grand scale.

Something I saw over on /r/baseball and thought you guys would enjoy.


Something I saw over on /r/baseball and thought you guys would enjoy.