Jose Lopez and Yuniesky Betancourt DFA'd

Jose Lopez was DFA'd today (Aug 7th). Yuniesky Betancourt was DFA'd two days ago (Aug 5th). I chose to header link on Yuni's DFA because it highlights that Yuni is still an idiot.

Felix Day composer dead at 68...


Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows, Indeed.

Jon Bois' Griffey in '96


This is the most bestest thing ever

ESPN Board poster PhredMojo dead?


Heard about this through my fantasy league (which Phred was the commissioner of). I don't know how reliable it is or anything, but Batbubbah is one of the old timers so there's a non zero chance it is true. Figured I'd post it here for anyone who might remember phred from the old days.

Felix - the best?


Compare: The 6 game stretch of struggles (35.1 IP, 25 ER) which included a good game (8 IP, 1 ER) vs. the rest of the season (129.2 IP, 23 ER) Felix has a season ERA of 1.61 if you take out that 6 game stretch. Or 1.58 ERA if you decide to include that 1 good outting from that 6 game stretch.

AL West the Toughest Division?


An interesting cumulative look at each division and the AL West really seems to dominate the numbers. Positive run differential!

Several Teams Have Their Facebooks Hacked. Hilarity Ensues.


In case you're at work and can't follow the link: Yankees: We regret to inform our fans that Derek Jeter will miss the rest of the season with sexual reassignments surgery. He promises to come back stronger than ever in 2013 as Minnie Mantlez. Cubs: Fuck Bill Murray. Giants: Wow, the Chick-fil-A guy sure is an asshole. White Sox: Everyone knows President Obama is a die hard ChiSox Fan. Unfortunately, we're voting for Romney. #MuslimPresident Marlins: Just a reminder tonight is FREE PITBULL NIGHT at Marlins Park. The first 10,000 fans ages 18 and under will receive a free rescued fighting Pitbull courtesy of the Dade County Animal Rescue League. Padres: Just a note: though the handicapped are allowed to enjoy Padres games at Petco Park, their attendance is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED. Angels: Check out the sweet bazongas on the blond in section 27, row 3! Nationals: We're going back to Montreal. SEE YA SUCKERS!!!!!!!! Braves: We want to remind female fans that there is a chance of their panties getting wet tonight as Chipper Jones is back in the lineup. #ThisIsWhyWeChop

Jason Vargas, July Pitcher of the Month


That Vargas is one cool cat. 1.64 ERA with a 5-0 record for July, and he takes home the Pitcher of the Month title for July.

Site Notice


For those of you who have been reading Baseball Nation, today was my last day there. Later this month I will be joining the team over at FanGraphs, which has been light on Mariners bias, that's what I've always said. I'm not breaking up with SB Nation or anything and LL will continue on forward unchanged. Maybe it will change but those changes will be independent of this one. Actually wait there will be an LL change. This weekend, starting tomorrow, Matthew and I will be gone! Double site notice! But then we'll be back. While we're away a familiar face will be present here on an emergency basis. It is not Jose Lopez. But Jose Lopez does have a familiar face.

The Ackley Boys


As many of you have probably seen, there have been some large letters in right field the past few games. We are the Ackley Boys. talked to us on Tuesday and posted this wonderful video of us telling the story behind the ACKLEY letters. Thought many of you might be interested. We're all in college now, by the way - I think Valle might have mentioned that we went to Garfield High school. I am the one in the Peguero shirt!