Luis Rodriguez playing third, batting second in place of Chone Figgins tonight


This comment thread will be reasonable.

Rockies designate Jose Lopez for assignment.



Shawn Kelley to visit with Dr. James Andrews?


This is currently unconfirmed, and even a visit might just be a routine visit and nothing more, but I don't know why Dr. Andrews would perform a routine check-up on Kelley considering Dr. Yocum did his surgery. So this is something to monitor, as visits to these doctors are usually scheduled for ominous reasons. Note that Kelley most recently threw an inning with Jackson on Monday, and nothing seemed to be wrong at the time.

The M's are being Agressive


I looked into the individual walk rate changes, per player, from April to May: Smoak -4.50% Ichiro 0.70% Kennedy -2.60% Saunders -2.70% J Wilson -3.40% Figgins -2.70% Olivo 6.70% Cust -6.50% Ryan -7.30%

Angels sign Russell Branyan


As veteran mentors for Mark Trumbo go, Branyan's just about perfect. And also this is terrifying.

The gifts that keep on giving for Indians


No it's not herpes, it's Asdrubal Cabrera and Shin-Soo Choo. Count how man times you sighed while reading the article. Mine was at least four.

Fangraphs adds baserunning statistic


Baseball Prospectus has had a good baserunning statistic for a while, but this one's a little different, and plus it's nice to have more statistics available in the same place. Note that stolen bases and steal attempts are not included in Fangraphs' version.

Baseball players, and the traffic signs that describe them


For those of you who missed a Sunday collaboration. On the one hand I think we took this as far as we could, but on the other I feel like we only scratched the surface.

Introducing the King's Court


Quote: "On days when Felix pitches, Section 150 will be known as the King's Court. Tickets will be specially priced at $30, and each ticket comes with a King Felix T-shirt." Here's the link to buy tickets for Felix's upcoming start against the Yankees. Section 150 is way off by the left field foul pole, so these are by no means primo seats, but I'm all for anything that brings more people out to celebrate Felix Day.