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FanPost Fridays

FanPost Friday: The Fanatics uniform debacle, the return(!?) of Mariners commercials, #TridentsUp, and more

A round-up of all the most interesting Spring Training news right before real practice baseball starts

FanPost Friday: Last minute moves, pitchers & catchers, and new Mariners hats

It’s a grab bag right before Spring Training starts for the Mariners

FanPost Friday: Font fixes and other assorted Mariners uniform topics

Our long-standing, regional uniform aesthetic nightmare is now over, folks!

FanPost Friday: 32 days until pitchers and catchers report

Is that Spring Training I see off in the distance?

FanPost Friday: Best of 2023

Let’s talk about what we enjoyed in 2023, sports and otherwise!

FanPost Friday: Mariners offseason vibe check

Spoiler alert: it continues to deteriorate

FanPost Friday: RIP Oakland Athletics

It’s not over ‘til it’s over, but the owners voted unanimously to move the team to Las Vegas, so it’s highly likely we’ll be watching the Mariners play the A’s on the road in some low places (as in minor league stadiums, not what Garth was singing about)

FanPost Friday: Mariners City Connect uniform exit interview

Still love ‘em? Feeling indifferent? Did they grow on you throughout the season? Let’s talk about it

FanPost Friday: Kicking the hot stove

Another AL West team won the World Series. Will the Seattle Mariners do anything about it this offseason?

FanPost Friday: World Series edition

The Astros lost, the D-Backs won, and Paul Sewald will pitch in the World Series

FanPost Friday: Postseason hi-jinks, pratfalls, and polls

Baseball rudely continues on without the Mariners

FanPost Friday: Three games

This really is for all the marbles (ask an oLLd head)

FanPost Friday: Are you ready to live through history?

The 10-game playoff series versus two divisional rivals to make the real playoffs starts today

FanPost Friday Open Music Thread

Plus last week’s poll results, the stretch run, things of that nature...

FanPost Friday: How are we feeling about those new MLB rules?

I’m sure there was a time before the pitch clock, but I really can’t remember when?

FanPost Friday: When the requiem becomes a roast—The 2023 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

This week the Angels pulled a "I don’t know if you’re allowed to do that" kind of move to officially end their attempt at contending in 2023, but the Mariners effectively buried their season in early August

FanPost Friday: The ongoing positive Mariners vibe shift

The Mariners are finally trending in the right direction, just like they drew it up

FanPost Friday: Your favorite Félix Hernández moments

The Perfect Game, the grand slam, the Beltré’s all coming back to us now

FanPost Friday: “Well, then I guess there’s only one thing left to do.”

As baseball/movie fans of a certain age may know, it’s "Win the whole f*cking thing."

FanPost Friday: Purgatory continues for the 2023 Seattle Mariners

"trapped in purgatory / a lifeless object alive"

FanPost Friday: Prepping for the 2023 Mariners “soft sell”

Jerry Dipoto publicly calls the team "mediocre" and the trade deadline looms, so it’s time to make peace with missing the playoffs if you haven’t yet

FanPost Friday: All-Star Week is upon us

The last 10 games before the break have gone pretty well so far!

FanPost Friday: Is this it for the 2023 Seattle Mariners?

By "this" I mean the next three series before the All-Star Break

FanPost Friday: Mariner-less in the Seattle-hosted All-Star Game?

Okay there will be at least one Mariner, but still, this is far from ideal!

FanPost Friday: MLB air quality standards

What is holding the league back from setting a clear policy?

FanPost Friday: Mariners vanquish month of May

Jerry has done it again, folks. The Dipoto-era Mariners finally slayed the pesky dragon known as the month of May with a 17-11 record

FanPost Friday: Do the 2023 Seattle Mariners have the makings of the best pitching rotation of all time?

Batters HATE this one trick

FanPost Friday: Least favorite MLB fanbases

"I got alotta problems with you people! And now you’re gonna hear about it!"

FanPost Friday: You get one Mariners Mulligan

What moment would you choose to do-over?

FanPost Friday: The Seattle Mariners versus the month of May

During the Dipoto era, the month of May has not been very kind to the Mariners. Will this May prove different?

FanPost Friday: Seattle Mariners City Connect uniforms reaction space!

yo dawg i heard you like nostalgia so we put nostalgia on your nostalgia so you can nostalgia while you get nostalgic

FanPost Friday: Mariners April Vibe Check

What if we just started the season in May instead?