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FanPost Fridays

FanPost Friday: Belief Check’s Last Ride & 2023 All-Star Game Speculation!

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!?!

FanPost Friday: Don’t Stop Belief Checkin’

We’re just going to keep saying it until it’s not true anymore, but this is an IMPORTANT HOME STAND!

FanPost Friday: A Playoff Push Grab Bag of Goodies

Looking at last week’s polls, plus hot takes on Mariners uniforms, magic numbers, and more!

FanPost Friday: Mariners Belief Check!

Playoff push or gradual descent? Let’s hear it!

FanPost Friday: Where should MLB plan the next “Field of Dreams” game?

MLB World Tour 2022, coming to a city near you!

FanPost Friday: Is this Kyle Seager’s last ride with the Seattle Mariners?

Checking the fanbase’s pulse as the hot corner occupier of the last 10 seasons enters what could be his last couple months as a Mariner

FanPost Friday: Most hated AL West rivals

Let the hate flow through you

FanPost Friday: What if Shohei Ohtani had signed with the Seattle Mariners in 2018?

He made his choice. Today, I’m choosing violence

FanPost Friday: Crowd-sourced 2021 first-half Mariners superlatives!

It’s almost the All-Star break! Let’s look back on a first half that was full of surprises, some good and some bad

FanPost Friday: Your favorite single-season Seattle Mariners player

They were here for a good time, not a long time, but their legacy lives on

FanPost Friday: Biggest surprise and disappointment of the 2021 Seattle Mariners so far

Remember when the season was already over at this point last year? Yeah, me neither

FanPost Friday: Of promotions and polls

There’s been some shuffling down on the farm. Who will be on the move next?

FanPost Friday: Your earliest baseball memory

Mariners-related or not, let’s hear about the first time a baseball gripped you

FanPost Friday: Have you been to a Mariners game yet in 2021?

Taking the temperature of this corner of Mariners fandom

FanPost Friday: Ownership

What is it good for?

FanPost Friday: Who’s next?

The crops down on the farm are ready for HARVEST (why does this sound like a horror movie tagline?)

FanPost Friday: When will Jarred Kelenic be called up to the Mariners?

All eyes on Tacoma

FanPost Friday: How would you fix the 2021 Seattle Mariners offense?

Turns out having 3.5 actual hitters in the lineup is not a recipe for sustainable success. Got any bright ideas?

FanPost Friday: How long will Chaos Ball reign?

How long until the Mariners fall off the ladder? Or will they become the ladder? Is that how this works?

FanPost Friday: Who will throw the next Mariners no-hitter?

One of the current starters? One of the prospects? Who has that special blend of blazing talent and blind luck to pull off a no-hitter?

FanPost Friday: I can’t believe they weren’t Mariners!

It’s Friday, so let’s Remember Some Guys

FanPost Friday: Pick your 2021 Mariners standout pitcher

Because using "breakout" or any mention of things breaking in the same sentence with pitchers seems very unwise

FanPost Friday: Your 2021 Seattle Mariners breakout player

From the Known Dudes to the Other Guys, give us your picks!

FanPost Friday: Spring Training Hot Takes!

Give me your spiciest, most reactionary, and bombastic takes based on 3 weeks of practice baseball

FanPost Friday: Talk uniform to me, part II

Poll results and a challenge to the designers out there!

FanPost Friday: Talk uniform to me

We all have our Mariners uniform hot takes and long-held favorites, so let’s get all aesthetical together!

FanPost Friday: Nominate a new Mariners Team President

Could you do a better job of shutting up? I bet you could!

FanPost Friday: Your most recent in-person Mariners game experience

Only a year-long pandemic could make us look back at the 2019 season with rose-tinted glasses

FanPost Friday: Most compelling MLB divisions?

The 2021 season boasts a few super teams and a lot of super not good teams. What divisions do you have eyes on?

FanPost Friday: Best Baseball Tweets of all time

Help us showcase the very best of Baseball Twitter

FanPost Friday: If you were in charge, how would you fix baseball?

You’ve been hired as MLB Commissioner. What’s your PLAN?

FanPost Friday: Cast your own Mariners movie

That CG Kingdome is gonna look fantastic