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Edgar Martinez is Seattle’s Greatest Gift from the Baseball Gods

A tribute to the Mariner who will always be a Mariner

Finally. Edgar Martinez is Officially a Hall of Famer

The tenth time’s the charm — #EdgarHOF is a reality

Edgar Martinez/Hall of Fame Announcement Open Thread

Come gnash your teeth with us

Edgar Day.

One way or another, this is the last one of these I will write

Edgar Martinez narrowly misses Hall of Fame induction; has one year left on ballot

Wait you thought something in the 2018 off-season would go right?

Edgar Martinez and Pulling the Arc of the Hall of Fame Towards Justice

On belonging and getting a hand up

When It’s More Than Nostalgia: Edgar Martinez, Memory, and Catharsis

Your feelings called, they said they’ll see you this weekend

Happy Edgar Week

Counting down to enshrining a legend—in Seattle, at least

Mariners Announce Edgar Martínez Jersey Retirement

11 is immortal

Hall of Fame Announcement Open Thread

but what if

#EdgarHOF - Day 57

The persistence of memory vs. the consistence of memory and the Double

#EdgarHOF - Day 56

One last dinger Friday

#EdgarHOF - Day 55

On discipline

#EdgarHOF - Day 54

When we were unbreakable

#EdgarHOF - Day 53

the golden son of Dorado

#EdgarHOF - Day 52

the Ghost of Christmas Almost

#EdgarHOF - Day 51

Today in Edgar Memorabilia

#EdgarHOF - Day 50

A video tribute to Edgar Martinez

#EdgarHOF - Day 49

In praise of a light bat

#EdgarHOF - Day 48

The loneliness of the right-handed hitter

#EdgarHOF - Day 47

A dispassionate group discusses Edgar’s case

#EdgarHOF - Day 46

Character matters.

#EdgarHOF - Day 45

Those who played the game say Edgar is a Hall-of-Famer. Why won’t the BBWAA listen to them?

#EdgarHOF - Day 44

Duck Tales, woo-oh no what is that

#EdgarHOF - Day 43

A Dinger Friday served with some extra mustard

#EdgarHOF: Day 42 - Edgar vs. the Hall

How Edgar stacks up against the other candidates

#EdgarHOF - Day 41

Edgar and injuries

#EdgarHOF - Day 40

Manny Acta on Edgar

#EdgarHOF - Day 39

Today in Edgar podcasts

#EdgarHOF - Day 38

Today in Edgar articles: a truly terrible take

#EdgarHOF - Day 37

Today in Edgar Memorabilia

#EdgarHOF - Day 36

Once, twice, three times a Papi