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Junior Washington Correspondent

7/29/2022: Open Game Thread No. 2 for the self-loathing sickos still watching

Trade deadline upgrades for the Mariners: backup catchers

Back up the Beef Boy and free our souls

Carlos Santana has been the step in the Mariners’ groove

The Mariners already got their missing piece, in a sense

7/26-ish/22: Open Game Thread Part II

Part 2 for game 2

Erik Swanson figured it out

The ugly ducklingson has become an erik swanson

Trade deadline upgrades for the Mariners: Starting Pitching

The Mariners will likely add pitching at the deadline, but what might that look like?

Mariners get upstaged by Houston, lose 3-1

Macky’s back in town

51-44: Chart

An unstoppable force has met an immovable object

Trade deadline upgrades for the Mariners: Second base

The infield market is a tight one this trade deadline

The ten best whiffs of the first half

The Mariners pitching is good now? Send tweet