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Junior Washington Correspondent

Your 40 Mariners and MLB predictions for 2023

George Kirby’s rookie year puts him in elite company

Hip, hip! Jorge!

Mariners beat Rangers 11-10 on Oscar Night

But sadly no Teoscar

Mariners 2023 Spring Training: Game # 15

If you’re not excited for this Rangers at Mariners Spring Training game, then you don’t like Rangers at Mariners Spring Training games

40 Mariners and MLB predictions for 2023

Bookmark this page for future dunks on @RealZachMason

Mariners 2023 Spring Training Game #8: Open Game Thread

This one’s for none of the marbles

Just getting back? Here’s the Mariners’s offseason, recapped

Kyle Lewis, Trevor Gott/The only stove that wasn’t hot/We didn’t start the fire

AL West Preview: The Projections

A look at the preseason projections and a little "what if it goes right/wrong."

2023 AL West Preview: The Bullpens

Bullpens are holding two division rivals back from really challenging the Astros and Mariners.

FanPost Friday: The Baseball Enemies List

Haters gonna hate. I would know—I’m a hater.