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Junior Washington Correspondent

Most annoying game of the year ends in 5-3 loss to Rangers

Was this game based on the book Stone Cold Bummer by Manipulate? Because it was Hard to Watch

62-54: Chart

A disspiriting last two games, but the M’s went 3-3 on the week

8/14/2022: Open Game Thread

Any guesses as to what atrocities are on Globe Life’s brunch menu? Pigeon, maybe?

8/9/2022: Open Game Thread

Yanks for playing

8/6/2022 Game 2: Open Game Thread

It’s a beautiful evening for a ball game, let’s play one

Clubhouse gets a dog in it, pitchers got that dawg in them, Mariners win 2-1

The offense mostly took a cat nap

58-50: Chart

"If you’re on time for a fastball, you can pretty much cover everything" — Ty France

8/6/2022 Game 1: Open Game Thread

Hoping for some magic from the Westchester Wizard

Breaking: Mariners adopt clubhouse dog

Bow wow wow, yippie yo yippie yay

Mariners big boy Bronx Bombers in Big Apple

I could dance to this beat forevermore