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Junior Washington Correspondent

Mariners fail to seal the deal yet again, lose to Texas 9-8

"Kyle’s brother"? More like "Oh, brother!" Amirite?

84-71: Chart

When Texas messes with you

Mariners Game #155 Preview: 9/24/23, SEA @ TEX

All aboard the Woo train

Hard-Hit Ball of the Week: J.P. Crawford was having a breakout year. Then he got better.

oh captain, my captain

Pooped or not, the Mariners have enough to shut out the Rays 1-0

Personally, I still think this team could use a giant dose of Jarred Kelenic. But then, I always think that.

79-61: Chart

Sometimes one is enough, like the number of timeouts that batters are allowed

Mariners Game #140 Preview: 9/7/23, SEA @ TBR

Famous Original Rays

Challenge of the Week: Scott Servais does it with emphasis

It wasn’t me he was foolin’ ‘cause he knew what he was doin

Mariners understandably can’t score early, less understandably can’t score late, fall to Mets 2-1

Mariners play the jesters in Queens

76-58: Chart

Mariners unable to bust ghost forkball