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Alberto Rodríguez, disappointment and sophomore slumps

The should-have-been 40-in-40 for the recently DFA’d outfielder

George Kirby’s 2022 Was Absolutely Wonderful (and Underrated)

If he gets any better, he’s gonna be an ace

The price of hope

Don’t forget, we asked for this.

2022 Mariners affiliate wrap-up: Everett AquaSox (High-A)

The Frogs did baseball this year, for sure

What Ichiro means to me

A roundtabLLe

Mariners celebrate the spirit of summer, dismantle Oakland 10-2

Eugenio is becoming my favorite Mariner so quickly

66-54: Chart

Mariners claim series opener against Oakland L’s* (A’s)

8/19/22: Open Game Thread II

thread 2 ü

Midshipmen’s Log 8/16/22: Keaton Gillogly, Harry Ford, Victor Labrada, Evan White

A mixed bag of a week down on the farm, with some standout performances sprinkled throughout

Midshipmen’s Log 8/9/22: Nuts sink Ports, Travs split a series, AquaSox struggle, Rainiers pen a series W

The Nuts are hot