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Midshipmen’s Log 5/12/22: Amador Arias plays hero, Sam Carlson makes season debut, Spencer Packard keeps packing heat

Also: a change to the minors publishing schedule

Our pets as the 2022 Seattle Mariners

In celebration of Bark in the Park night, a tour through the LL staff’s pets and which Mariner we feel they represent

Midshipmen’s Log 5/9/22: Edwin Arroyo shines, Noelvi Marte heats up, Taylor Dollard stays hot, Kyle Lewis returns

Also, Tacoma played some wild games this week

Midshipmen’s Log 5/5/22: Robert Pérez Jr. goes hero mode, Spencer Packard rakes, Levi Stoudt shoves, Kyle Lewis Back!

One more time: Kyle Lewis back!

Midshipmen’s Log 5/2/22: Edwin Arroyo comes into his own, Spencer Packard rakes, Travs become dust in the Wind (Surge)

Also: oh boy oh Berto (Rodriguez)

Midshipmen’s Log 4/28/22: Modesto’s young starters shine, Travs cruise behind Kirby again, Stuart Fairchild makes strong first impression

An up-and-down opening to this week’s slate of minor-league games

Midshipmen’s Log 4/25/22: William Fleming deals, Sox starters star, Travs slug, Rainiers throw it back

Thursday through Sunday on the farm!

About Last Night: Julio and Jarred have arrived

or, about the thing with feathers

Midshipmen’s Log 4/21/22: George Kirby strong again, Zach DeLoach’s hot streak, Sam Haggerty puts the Rainiers on his (tiny) shoulders

And introducing a new feature: our Ones to Watch for each affiliate

Midshipmen’s Log 4/18/22: Levi Stoudt looks sharp, Modesto racks up 47 runs but few wins, Tacoma plays baseball on the moon

Also your weekly Noelvi Marte update