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2022 Mariners affiliate wrap-up: Arkansas Travelers (AA)

RIP to the covering the best pitching rotation I have seen in a while.

First pitch controversy causes cancellation of Arkansas Travelers Pride Night

Mariners Double-A affiliate demonstrate that pride only applies to some

Midshipmen’s Log 8/23/22: Modesto eyes a playoff spot, tough times for the Travs and AquaSox, Tacoma finds a groove

The Rainiers and Nuts are slugging it out (literally) for the title of Most Interesting Affiliate

Midshipmen’s Log 8/16/22: Keaton Gillogly, Harry Ford, Victor Labrada, Evan White

A mixed bag of a week down on the farm, with some standout performances sprinkled throughout

Midshipmen’s Log 8/9/22: Nuts sink Ports, Travs split a series, AquaSox struggle, Rainiers pen a series W

The Nuts are hot

Midshipmen’s Log 8/2/22: Ford walks it off, Everett regroups, Prelander packs a Texas League punch, Haniger goes hard in rehab

Ch-ch-ch-changes on the farm

Midshipmen’s Log 7/26/22: short week on the farm does not translate to better results

Dust yourselves off and try again this week, fellas

Midshipmen’s Log 7/19/22: Modesto and Tacoma split series, Everett wins, Arkansas...gets swept

Well, some of the teams on the farm had a good week...

Seattle Mariners select Walter Ford with 74th pick in 2022 MLB Draft

Ms take 17-year-old prep pitcher with immense upside to wrap up Day One of the Draft

Seattle Mariners select 1B/3B Tyler Locklear with 58th pick in 2022 MLB Draft

Ms select second infielder of the night, this time one with lots of pop