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Mariners test limits of ballpark, fans’ patience, lose 4-2

please hit the ball just a tiny bit harder, ok?

54-46: Chart

It wasn’t lost until it was

7/28/22: SEA at HOU Open Game Thread

feels like we just played these guys

Mariners forget how to fish, lose 8-5

Buy a man eat fish, he day. Teach fish man, to a lifetime.

51-45: Chart

M’s go fishing and catch a LOBster instead

7/24/22: Open Game Thread

Lazy Sunday baseball vibes

7/16/22: Open Game Thread

M’s look to make it a baker’s dozen

Mariners stare at their haunted reflection, persevere, win 2-1

through a mirror, darkly

47-42: Chart

7/13/22: Open Game 2 Thread

Two baseball games in one day? It’s more likely than you think!