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Around Major League Baseball

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: A Fan’s Point of View

Rahul Setty from Halos Heaven puts up with my questions including, “will the Angels trade Trout?” and “why won’t the Angels trade Trout?” and “what could the Angels get for Trout?” and “no seriously, don’t you think

Angels of heaven/Angels of death

What could happen if (KNOCK ON WOOD) it all goes right for the Angels?

2017 Projected Rotation Preview: Los Angeles Angels

The Angels are counting on a healthy rotation to make up for a lack of depth.

The Cameron Maybin Experiment

There’s nowhere to go but up for left field in L.A., but how far up will Cameron Maybin take the Halos?

The Angels’ Projected Lineup

Or: Mike Trout and the Mike Trout Backup Singers

What went right/wrong for the Los Angeles Angels in 2016?

Right: Mike Trout. Wrong: Can we just focus on Mike Trout, please?

AL West Rivals Preview: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

The Oakland Athletics: A Fan’s Point of View

A Q&A with an Oakland A’s fan

Two paths diverge in Oakland, California

What could go right/wrong, and can it ever really all go right for the A’s?

State of the Farm: an Oakland Athletics special

In which we discuss the future thorns in the Mariners’ side

The A’s Bullpen was Jerry’s Ideal

Two similar plans, one with a better result

2017 Projected Rotation Preview: Oakland Athletics

The Athletics rotation is filled with potential and/or question marks.

2017 Projected Lineup Preview: Oakland Athletics (updated)

These are all humans who are currently employed by the Oakland A’s

Ryon Healy: The Anatomy of a Mariner Killer

Oakland’s 24 year-old slugger may be the next role player to terrorize the Mariners

What went right/wrong for the Oakland Athletics in 2016?

Not great, Bob (Melvin)

The Athletics think about getting better, decide to get pizza instead

Zach said my whole article couldn’t just be a shrug emoji, so I’m typing words into this space.

AL West Rivals Preview: Oakland A’s

Playoff Watch Thread: 10/1

With all these bird teams it's more like Roctober, am I right? ...sigh.

Playoff Watch Thread: 9/30

Time is getting crunchy, y'all.

Playoff Watch Thread: 9/29

Cool roof, Detroit.

Playoff Watch Thread 9/28

The M’s did their job today. Will everyone else?

AL West Preview: Houston Astros

The Astros are the class of the AL West and one of the best and youngest teams in baseball.

AL West Preview: Texas Rangers

The defending division champions had a lot go right for them last year. The same will need to be true this year to stay on top of the AL West.

AL West Preview: Oakland Athletics

The A's are hoping for a lot to fall their way in 2016.

AL West Preview: Los Angeles Angels

The majority of the Angels roster returns after a disappointing year in 2015.

World Series Preview: Royals vs. Mets

The 2015 Major League Baseball season all comes down to this. Its the World Series!

Will Ferrell, a member of the Seattle Mariners

Will Ferrell will take part in five different baseball games tomorrow for a special that will air on HBO later this year, all to benefit Cancer for College and Stand up to Cancer.

Revisiting an unpopular trade: Saunders goes down

The Mariners made an unpopular decision that has turned out to be the right one, at least for 2015.

A lonely offseason for Chris Young

Chris Young hasn't heard his phone ring yet this offseason, and that's sad. Will the Mariners really get a better year from J.A. Happ in 2015 than they got from Chris Young in 2014? Let's examine a weird situation.

Depth, in Detail

With roster depth on our minds, let's take a look at the AL West and see who really has the deepest roster.

Certainty in an Uncertain World

The pursuit of certainty is a fool's errand but we'd be fools to ignore the risk inherent in an unpredictable game.

Meanwhile, in Oakland

Billy Beane and the A's continue to have a wild offseason, while the Mariners stand quietly on the foundation they've built.