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Around Major League Baseball

The Seattle Mariners 2023 schedule has arrived

Balanciaga, more like balanciall these games

Emergency Podcast: Baseball Is Back

A new 2020 Mariners schedule has entered the chat

The Mariners get their marching orders for whatever is going to unfold during the 2020 season

MLB levies suspensions, fines, and strips draft picks from Astros in cheating scandal fallout

One of the heaviest punishments in MLB history, yet

Baseball’s a mess, but the game is still the best

The World Series exposed some of baseball’s most glaring problems. It also reminded us why it is still great.

MLB All-Star Game 2019 - Open Game Thread

A Midsommar Classic of Batted Ball Carnage - Rated R for Ridiculous

MLB Home Run Derby 2019 - Open Thread

This one’s for all the dingers, folks

2019 AL West Preview: Los Angeles Angels, pitching staff overview

The Angels will be without their best pitcher this year, so they’ll try to manage with a few short-term reinforcements.

2019 AL West Preview: Houston Astros, prospects and 2021 outlook

The Astros’ window might be closing right as the Mariners’ is (hopefully) opening

2019 AL West Preview: Houston Astros, pitching staff overview

The Astros pitching staff will be diminished in 2019, but its still one of the best in the league.

2019 AL West Preview: Texas Rangers, pitching staff overview

The Rangers pitching staff is attempting to rekindle that 2013 magic.

2017 All-Star Game Open Thread

Hey now, these are All-stars, gonna play ball, to-day

Nobody in the American League sucks and it’s making the Mariners season confusing

There are only four teams more than five games either above or below .500 in the AL and it’s absurd.

Mandy vs. Manfred: Baseball Has a Responsibility To Stop Head Hunting

We’ve already been taught the tragic lessons; why won’t Rob Manfred heed them?

LL 2017 Season Predictions

Ours, and yours!

The AL West’s starters have puny arms

Stacking the Mariners’ much fretted-over starters up against the rest of the division reveals an AL West-wide weakness.

On the Arbitration docket: Mariners vs. The Rest of the League

Hear ye hear ye, watch the Mariners save the mon-ey.

Franklin Gutierrez Signs With Dodgers

Is it cruel to hope he fails his physical and comes home?

AL West Rivals: Offseason Report Card

Everyone made moves, but were they smart, and were they effective?

We Asked a Rangers Fan

Okay he’s technically a Rangers writer but trust me, you’re gonna like this

If it all goes right/wrong: Texas Rangers edition

It’s already happened once, but life isn’t fair so it could happen again

State of the Farm: A Texas Rangers Special

It’s international prospects galore down in Texas

What was mildly irking Cole Hamels?

It’s tough to call Hamels’ 2016 a disappointment, but the Rangers’ ace was not at the top of his game.

2017 Projected Rotation Preview: Texas Rangers

The Rangers pitching staff is led by two of the best pitchers in the AL.

Adrián Beltré and the Right Time

Do like Taylor Swift says and find a bad boy at the right time

The Rangers’ Projected Lineup

If we call them the Lastros, does that make Texas the Lamegers?

What went right/wrong for the Texas Rangers in 2016?

Everything/until the playoffs.

AL West Rivals Preview: Texas Rangers

2017 Projected Rotation Preview: Houston Astros

The Astros excellent relief corps will help support a starting rotation that hoping for some rebounds.

José Altuve: A Love Letter

Like Romeo and Juliet, if Juliet had five inches on Romeo

The Astros’ Projected Lineup

AL West Rivals Preview: Houston Astros