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40 in 40

40 in 40

40 in 40: Matt Festa Touches a Truck

It’s been an unorthodox journey for the 29-year-old, but probably not one he’d trade for anything

40 in 40: Tom Murphy and The Tell-Tale Eyes

Pale blue are the eyes of chaos, and by power are they invoked.

40 in 40: Jarred Kelenic and learning the hard way

How many lessons can one player pack in

40 in 40: Isaiah Campbell takes the road less traveled

Once a surefire starter, Campbell looks to make his mark in the bullpen instead

40 in 40: Eugenio Suárez is both the person and player you want on your team

There is much more to "Good Vibes Only" than it seems on the surface.

40 in 40: Justin Topa, the Mariners’ new mystery man in the bullpen

The Mariners will hope for health with their latest bullpen addition, who should fit right in with Los Bomberos

40 in 40: Cooper Hummel is coming home

The PNW native brings intriguing positional flexibility, and could make an impact off the bench

40 in 40: Marco Gonzales is the new last piece of the Ship of Theseus

The longest-tenured Seattle Mariner has seen the roster turn over 100% around him. Yet now he finds himself on the edge.

40 in 40: Juan Then, the only Juan

an experiment in prospecting and cloning

40 in 40: Paul Sewald is outwitting, outplaying, outlasting

When the book is out on you, write a new one

40 in 40: Sam Haggerty believes in America

But he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do

40 in 40: Diego Castillo comes through in the clutch

Diego Castillo looks to keep rising to the occasion

40 in 40: Cal Raleigh

bonnie tyler was singing about cal

40 in 25: Matt Festa

Do indeed call it a comeback.

40 in 25: Mitch Haniger

The last man standing is surviving the times.

40 in 25: in praise of Casey Sadler

We come here not to bury Casey Sadler(‘s shoulder), but to praise him

40 in 25: Evan White

Examining the first baseman’s role with the team as he enters the injury recovery process once again.

40 in 25: Yohan Ramírez

The Legend of the Lowered Arm Slot

40 in 25: Ty France

How much damage can one elbow guard take?

40 in 25: Juan Then

♫ Running out of time / To make you love me ♫

40 in 25: Julio Rodríguez

The one we’ve all been waiting for

40 in 25: Kevin Padlo

Like Kevin Malone, we’re spilling the beans on our own Kevin.

40 in 25: Sergio Romo

Veteran presence presents present veteran prescience.

40 in 25: Joey Gerber

Seattle’s most eligible bachelor

40 in 25: Chris Flexen

After a successful return to the Majors last season, the big righty should once again be a stabilizing force in Seattle’s rotation

40 in 25: Paul Sewald

The heart and soul of the Mariners’ bullpen will look to build on an elite 2021 campaign

40 in 25: Nick Margevicius

Wasted away again in NickMargeviciusRitaVille, searchin’ for my long lost shaker of salt. Salt! Salt! Salt!

40 in 25: Erik Swanson

Can a change in pitch mix help Erik Swanson stop giving up so many meatballs?

40 in 25: Marco Gonzales

What more can be expected from the epitome of belief?

40 in 25: Taylor Trammell

The best is yet to come.

40 in 25: Donovan Walton

Drop in for a short stop to learn three fun facts about one of the M’s longest tenured players

40 in 25: Matt Brash

This PTBNL should be contributing ASAP in MLB unless there’s a big SNAFU