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40 in 40

40 in 40

40 in 25: Luis Torrens

After climbing all the way back from a disastrous start last season, Torrens is poised for a big 2022 - although likely in a smaller role.

40 in 25: Adam Frazier

No wasted motion in the swing, no trouble getting hits in the bigs.

40 in 25: Jesse Winker

Wink me up before you go go

40 in 25: Eugenio Suárez

The recently acquired former All-Star will look to return to his 2018 form

40 in 25: Tom Murphy

"Why are you here? How do you fit in? What’s it all about?" - David Attenborough on Tom Murphy, maybe

40 in 25: J.P. Crawford

A former top prospect who struggled at first to match the hype is the perfect leader for these Mariners.

This stream has:

40 in 25: Get to know every 2022 Seattle Mariner

Our annual individual season preview gets the condensed Spring Training treatment.

40 in 40: Erik Swanson


Mariners Moose Tracks, 3/10/21: Ty France, Mickey Jannis, & Nelson Cruz

A mild package of links for your mild Wednesday

40 in 40: Kyle Seager

A love letter to my favorite Mariner and a case for keeping him around a little longer.

40 in 40: Donovan Walton

Walton only has an outside chance of making the opening day roster. But, we’ll probably see him again at some point in 2021, so let’s get to know him a little better.

40 in 40: Casey Sadler

40 in 40: Taylor Trammell

An eventful minor-league career led Trammell to Seattle, where he finds himself battling for a spot in a talented group of young outfielders

40 in 40: José Marmolejos

The lefty swinger could be on the outs despite flashing big power in some key moments last year, but that hasn’t stopped him from enjoying the journey.

40 in 40: Robert Dugger

If you remember him from 2016 we can’t be friends

40 in 40: Kyle Lewis

The reigning AL Rookie of the Year has many chapters to write

40 in 40: Wyatt Mills

2020 disappointed us all, but Wyatt Mills channeled his disappointment into a spot on the Mariners’ 40-man roster

40 in 40: Chris Flexen

Every team has Chris Flexens. But the Mariners might have a Chris Flexen.

40 in 40: Domingo Tapia

He throws a hundred. That’s basically it.

40 in 40: Dylan Moore

Shall I compare thee to a winter’s day? The forecast for Dylan Moore is as straight forward as the forecast for snow.

40 in 40: Will Vest

40 in 40: Justin Dunn

Dunn hasn’t had the start to his professional career he envisioned, but there’s still time to get on the right track

40 in 40: Luis Torrens

After a career path that has been anything but normal, the young catcher is set up for a breakout at the big league level

40 in 40: Aaron Fletcher

I work very hard

40 in 40: Mitch Haniger

Two contestants! So many question marks! One big board!

40 in 40: Andres Muñoz

40 in 40: Sam Delaplane

A Sam with a Dela-Plan(e)

40 in 40: Yusei Kikuchi

The 2021 season will be the most important of Kikuchi’s career — for both him and the Mariners

40 in 40: Braden Bishop

Hedge funds may be going short against $BB, but this B.B. is worth a closer look

40 in 40: Keynan Middleton

The Mariners added the former Angels reliever and...not much else

40 in 40: Ty France

Hitters gonna hit

40 in 40: Juan Then

Hot Juan Summer