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40 in 40: 2024

40 in 40: J.P. Crawford keeps the Mariners on course

His career weathered a few storms, and now he is the storm.

40 in 40: Gregory Santos could be the key to the next great bullpen

There are three special sliders in there

40 in 40: Collin Snider looks to stay grounded

The hard-throwing righty hasn’t found a ton of big league success so far, but his penchant for keeping the ball on the ground could be a solid foundation to build on.

40 in 40: Julio Rodríguez stands alone

it is a lonely thing to be a hero

40 in 40: A different revolution with Mitch Haniger

Full circle doesn’t always mean things are the same.

40 in 40: Levi Stoudt is back

The non-prodigal son returns

40 in 40: Samad Taylor might not be great, but maybe you’ll like that

Underdogs need fans too

40 in 40: Cal Raleigh is ready to dump on your poverty franchise

The dumper is poised to dominate

40 in 40: Andrés Muñoz is El Jefe de Los Bomberos

Can Andrés Muñoz be the next great closer for the Mariners?

40 in 40: Whole Lotta Red (Matt Brash’s Version)

Matt Brash has lit up his savant page, but can he make it redder?

40 in 40: Luis Urías could be leaning towards success

After a triumphant run in the World Baseball Classic, Luis Urías stumbled through an injury-plagued 2023. How could he rebound this season?

40 in 40: You should join the Gabe Speier Fan Club, whatever it’s called

Gabe Gang rise up!

40 in 40: Mauricio Llovera might make the team

With a slider this nice, does it matter where it ends up?

40 in 40: Raising the roof with Mitch Garver

Playing (for) the hits.

40 in 40: Ty France is a headliner

France will be an important part of the Mariners 2024 story, but will that story just be clickbait?

40 in 40: Is Austin Voth another sweeper sleeper?

Can the Mariners help Voth develop his sweeper to be an effective arm out of the bullpen?

40 in 40: Sam Haggerty is the getaway driver

every heist needs someone quick

40 in 40: Tayler Saucedo is at home

And I can't think of anywhere else I would prefer the local lefty to be.

40 in 40: Jorge Polanco is the centerpiece at last

Shedding the last of the shadows, Polanco leaves a strong legacy in Minnesota for dreams of stabilizing Seattle’s lineup.

40 in 40: Cody Bolton keeps climbing

The brutality of life in The Pile

40 in 40: Dear Ty Adcock, I’m sorry

Trying to find the why in the suffering

40 in 40: Bryce Miller, the fastball pitcher to end all fastball pitchers

How can you make a fastball better? Add another fastball

40 in 40: Last chance to get on the Jonatan Clase hype train early

The switch hitting prospect with some pop has blink-and-you-miss-it level speed, but keep your eyes open, because they are one to watch.

40 in 40: Luke Raley is ready to bop

After a breakout 2023, the lefty swinger should be a thumper in the middle of Seattle’s lineup.

40 in 40: Prelander Berroa has control issues

not like the toxic interpersonal kind tho

40 in 40: Give Dylan Moore life

Próspero año y felicidad, por fin.

40 in 40: The final piece to Taylor Trammell’s puzzle

Can a second stint at Driveline help solve Trammell’s contact issues?

40 in 40: Emerson Hancock and his many labors

The 6th overall draft pick has seen that prospect shine fade a bit through a minors career beleaguered by injury, but potential opportunity awaits if he can put things together in 2024, after a promising but brief debut in 2023.

40 in 40: Seby Zavala is inevitable

Or, I mean, maybe he’s just here. He’s just a man.

40 in 40: Trent Thornton’s spot on this roster makes no damn sense

Compels me though

40 in 40: Cade Marlowe can still ascend

The left handed Mariners outfielder will look to the better angels of his 2023 campaign to try and make an impact with Seattle at the major league level.

40 in 40: The Duality of Carlos Vargas

A flawed reliever that just might figure it out