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The Bullpen Cometh - Is Santos a Superstar in Seattle? Meet at the Mitt Podcast

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

Evan James and John Trupin are joined by East Coast experts Zach Mason and Anders Jorstad to talk…WAIT FOR IT…another trade. Trader Jerry and bustin’ Hollander have done it yet again, this time acquiring Gregory (not George) Santos from the Chicago White Sox in exchange for LL beloved prospect maverick Zach DeLoach, stuff+ darling Prelander Berroa and the 69th pick in the upcoming draft. After trading Justin Topa out of the fold, Santos becomes the team’s third best relief pitcher by default. Perhaps most exciting of all, given Santo’s young age and experience, he’s ad addition you should feel comfortable penciling in as a long term bullpen fixture, not just a piece for 2024. Do we all love this trade as much as it sounds like? Are they finished now? Shout out to our sponsor MacDougall bats!

Editor’s Note: Transcripts have come to Apple Podcasts! We had discussed later last year briefly about getting transcripts for the podcast. Short answer is it wasn’t feasible at the time, but Apple has thankfully incorporated it as a regular feature of their podcast streaming network. I am currently researching/troubleshooting how to get it functional for us moving forward as I’ve encountered some roadblocks, mostly due to Apple Podcasts being both a new and therefore siloed platform. The podcast has always been distributed through Megaphone, though in order to activate a variety of settings I need additional apple.podcasts specific credentials set up or transfered to me; working on it. I will keep everyone posted.

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