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Mariners Game #139 Game Preview, SEA at CIN

Seattle tries to avoid a sweep against the Big Red Machine

MLB: New York Mets at Cincinnati Reds Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

3:40 games are my personal kryptonite, and apparently, the Mariners’ too, as they’ll have to work today to avoid a sweep at the hands of the Reds and falling further behind the Astros in the AL West (I’m just assuming based on the leather-tanning the Astros have so far delivered to the Rangers).


Today’s game info:

Today’s game starts at 3:40 PT, because we live in a morally amorphous universe where weeklong east coast road trips are a thing. Sims/Rizzs on the radio (710 AM Seattle Sports), Goldsmith/Wilson on the TV (ROOT Sports NW).

On the bright side, the early games make it easy to follow the farm at night. Last night I watched Modesto notch their 14th straight win in a thrillingly close game against league-leading Fresno, 10/10 recommended watch. There’s also Everett, fresh off clinching their first playoff spot since 2018, also in the reasonable 7:00 hour, an excellent time for baseball that is not in the middle of the workday. Huff huff. If early hours are your jam and you want an alternative to the day’s Mariners game, you can always catch the Travelers at 4:30 and Tacoma at 5:30. Sometimes when I need a break or the team is frustrating me I’ll dial up the radio—especially for a Rizzs/Sims pairing—and follow the Mariners game that way while watching something else.

Today in Mariners history:

  • 1991: Dave Valle’s first career grand slam.
  • 2009: Ichiro’s 2000th MLB hit.
  • 2011: Mike Carp AL Rookie of the Month.
  • 2021: Kyle Seager hits three home runs against the Rangers.