Off-Topic Thread - 9/21/23 - The Calm Before...

Hello everyone!

We have reached the final off-day of the regular season, which comes just before the most important 10-game stretch of the year. Perhaps the biggest stretch in years. Last year reaching the playoffs was the big thing, this year, the AL West is in sight. The Mariners haven't had the best of Septembers, but they are still in position to take the division. Luckily they have an off-day to recharge before that stretch, there may not be any more relaxing games this season.

Since we have the time, and only one game to keep an eye on today, I figured this was a good time to have our last off-topic thread of the regular season. Feel free to use this space to talk (basically) anything you want, answer the prompts, or make your own. Just keep in mind the site rules when posting, no politics, no religion, and, as two of the most insightful minds of a generation once said, "Be excellent to each other."