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FanPost Friday Open Music Thread

Plus last week’s poll results, the stretch run, things of that nature...

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Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners
friends of the site Death Cab for Cutie <3
Set Number: X84067 TK1 R1 F2

Hello and welcome back to FanPost Friday! Despite the fairly rough road trip and one lil’ frustrating loss to the bloated corpse of the Angels, it was overall a pretty good week in Marinersville and the fellas are still very much in the thick of things for the stretch run. After a very deserved off-day, it’s time to play the, ah, very good Los Angeles Dodgers this weekend. Look, no one said making the playoffs again a year later would be easy, okay?

You know what else is wild? There are only 16 games left in the 2023 regular season. Why does every baseball season feel like it’s gone on forever until you get to the last two weeks and you’re like, “Wait, it’s almost over already?” Now THERE’S something worth fixing, Manfred.

Because I am now scraping the bottom of the content barrel, we’re going to talk NEW MUSIC today in the age old tradition of the LL Friday Open Music Thread. But, before we pump out the jams, let’s take a quick look at last week’s poll results regarding MLB’s rule changes.

Breaking news: You like the rule changes!

Especially the pitch timer! All hail our kinda sorta sometime sped up favorite sport!

This confirmed my assumption that y’all were just like me and it turns out 74% are indeed just like me.

I feeeeeel like a lot of y’all are not being completely honest with yourselves here, but I appreciate the confidence.

Okay, onward to the music talk.

Here are my top three picks for new or new-to-me music:

Explosions in the Sky are a very special band to me. I recently got to see them play my favorite album of theirs “The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place” front to back and for reasons still unknown to me, I just wept the whole time. It was so good. Now, that album came out 20(!!!) years ago (hence the crying probably) and they’ve been making a lot music (especially soundtracks) during that time, but not a lot of it has really grabbed me like their first three-ish records. The new record, “END,” feels like a bit of a return to their earlier sound, especially the song above. It’s definitely my favorite album of theirs since “All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone,” which has one of the best intro tracks of all time. “Loved Ones” sounds like I’m watching “Friday Night Lights” again in 2007 or it’s the score to your most epic late-night bike ride or pushing up that final hill on your 10k run. It’s got that classic, I dunno, EITS feeling to it. The rest of the album is good, too, but this is the standout track for me.

If you ever enjoyed the British introvert cuddle jams of The XX back in 2010 (remember this all time BANGER? My goodness), I cannot more highly recommend the new solo record from Romy, whose voice was the most recognizable part of the XX. Jamie XX has put out quite a bit of solo material (his 2015 album “In Colour” is a low-key masterpiece), but this is Romy’s first solo effort and it has every ounce of quiet, devoted yearning you’d expect from her but with timeless euro-ish club beats providing the soundtrack. It’s incredibly good.

Like many new artists and trends, Flyana Boss caught fire on Tik Tok thanks to a series of captivating videos of the two rappers running through crowded areas set to “You Wish.” It seemed like any other gimmick social media song at first, but the more I heard it, I was just like “Damn, these are some BARS.” Your mileage may vary, but lines like “Call me Dr. Evil because I’ve got many men” (doubles as a 50 Cent ref!) and “Open carry pussy lethal call me Danny Glover” absolutely crack me up every time. It’s the right mix of cleverness and bravado, plus their visual style and fashion sense is like “anime fan who only listens to late 90’s Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott” or something.

BONUS JAMS: I asked the LL staff (and emeritus) for their picks and here are a few choice cuts.

Connor: Baroness - Anodyne
Isabelle: Jason Isbell - Weathervanes
John: Mofe. - Top Shelf
Matthew: Ratboys - The Window
Zach Gottschalk: Big Thief - Vampire Empire / Born For Loving You
Amanda: Laufey - Bewitched

Go ahead and make some recommendations in the comments on new or new-to-you music, post some playlists, etc. Have a great weekend and go Mariners!