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Mariners Game #142 Preview, 9/10/2023: SEA at TB

Time zone shmime zone.

Seattle Mariners v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

The best thing we can say about this road trip is that it’s about to be over. The Mariners are going to play this morning’s game and then hop on a plane to Seattle to play the the Angels tomorrow night. After getting out Mariner-ed last night, the M’s will definitely need to salvage a win today in order to keep pace with the suddenly competent Astros.


Sam Haggerty spotted! I love the Mariners’ biggest Godfather fan, so here’s hoping he can cause some chaos on the basepaths. Meanwhile, we’re likely not to see Andres Munoz out of the pen today as he’s dealing with “something.” Scott says that he’s day-to-day.

Luke Weaver has also been shot into the sun after yesterday’s game.

And finally, Prelander Berroa is with the team, though he hasn’t actually been recalled yet. That may change tomorrow.

Game Info:

Just like last Sunday’s affair, first pitch is at 10:10 am PT, so be sure to brew a pot of coffee for this one. The game will be broadcast on TV on ROOT Sports with Dave Sims and Dan Wilson on the call. On radio, however, the game will be broadcast on AM 770 KTTH, not 710 KIRO. Rick Rizzs and Aaron Goldsmith will be on the radio call, so it should feel like normal. Oh, and if you want to do what I did last week, if you have an MLB TV subscription you can watch today’s game on Gameday 3D. I don’t know if I recommend it, though.