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Mariners Moose Tracks, 9/10/23: George Kirby, Ronald Acuña Jr, and Austin Hays

It’s Sunday, and if it’s Sunday, it’s Meet the Links

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Atlanta Braves Jordan Godfree-USA TODAY Sports

In Mariners news...

  • George Kirby addressed the comments he made after his start Friday night, showing clear remorse for letting his emotions get the better of him following a tough loss. I’m certainly looking forward to the inevitable gem he twirls in his next start to firmly put this situation in the past.
  • A catwalk homerun is always hilarious, not just because oh how utterly inane it is that in the year 2023 there is still a Major League ballpark with catwalks in play, but because of how utterly bewildered everyone is when it happens.
  • September Kelenic is nigh. The league is not ready, but I sure am.
  • Luke Weaver has been thanked for his service and sent to the waiver wire, and Eduard Bazardo has been recalled to provide some semblance of a fresh arm in the bullpen.

Around the league...

  • Going back to this type of benches clearing incident really hits so much weaker now. José Ramírez spoiled us all so badly.
  • Yup, nothing unusual here at all. Everybody move on, this is a completely normal graphic. No reason whatsoever to think about this graphic for the rest of your day.
  • His job is not beach. No further questions.
  • I speak for all off LL in hoping that Noelvi Marte recovers and returns to the field quickly. You wouldn’t want to take a ball in the face from any MLB player, perhaps least of all Elly. If anyone is tough enough to handle it, it’s definitely Noelvi.
  • Tired: flipping the bat after you see the ball go over the wall.
    Wired: flipping the bat as soon as the ball leaves the bat.
    Inspired: flipping the bat to help stop yourself from falling over.
  • Alright, which of you knocked over the hot dog cart?

Nick’s pick...

  • Imagine, if you will, you’re playing a ranked game of MLB The Show. You give up a seemingly innocuous homerun in the second inning. You finish the game and some time later you check Twitter only to find out you got taken deep by a 4-year old because you left a sinker middle-high. I’d uninstall and call my therapist immediately.