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57-52: Chart

The type of game that makes you feel it.

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Los Angeles Angels Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Mariners 5, Angels 3

Baseball Savant / Paul Gustave Doré

Angel food cake: Cade Marlowe, .552 WPA

Angel hair pasta: Teoscar Hernández, -.163 WPA

Game thread comment(s) of the day:

I mean... happy freaking birthday SouthKoreaDave!!!!

Great point by Edgarrrrr, and we’ve never seen them both at the same place at the sa- well okay no that’s not true.

Thank you drpaddle (and many others) for the reminder that stuff does get read. We don’t do this for praise but some days I think doing this can burn the candle low, and I know this means a lot to Kate and the rest of the staff whenever folks enjoy something particularly.