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Game #131 Preview: OAK at SEA

The short homestand marches on

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Chicago White Sox Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Eek! Sorry about the late thread; 6:40 times still blindside me from time to time. Anyway, first pitch is coming right up, so let’s make this quick and easy.


With a lefty in Kyle Muller on the mound for Oakland, José Caballero (aka Death Cabby, whose promotion you should totally look at for Wednesday’s game) and Brian O’Keefe will get the start for the M’s. I’m thinking tonight would be a good time for O’Keefe’s first big league home run!

Game Info:

Tonight’s first pitch is at 6:40pm, so very, very soon! You’ll be able to catch the action on all the usual spots; Aaron Goldsmith and Mike Blowers will have the call on ROOT, while Rick Rizzs and Gary Hill, Jr. will cover radio duties on 710 Seattle Sports.